WATCH: Lo Moon Perform "Loveless" on 'Corden'

February 6, 2018
Lo Moon

Courtesy of Columbia Records

Last night (2/5), Lo Moon “had a blast” performing "Loveless" on the Late Late Show with James Corden.

Watch the dreamy rendition below!

Lo Moon has said that "Loveless" is about the transition from dark to light. Last year, frontman Matt Lowell expanded upon that, telling us, “Musically we were searching for the feeling of tension and release, which directly correlates from dark to light. The verses are tense and wound up lyrically, so when the drum fills announce the chorus, we wanted to create a euphoric feeling.”

Speaking of lyrics, the line “take my hand in belief we trace our steps" was a recurring theme for the band. "We really had this in our heads when we recorded the song, and at every musical turn we tried to convey the feeling. It’s tough to explain but it was the beacon for the feeling in the music," shared Lowell.

As for more music, Lo Moon will release their self-titled debut album later this month—check out the full track listing below!

Lo Moon track listing:

1. This Is It

2. Loveless

3. The Right Thing

4. Thorns

5. Tried to Make You My Own

6. My Money

7. Real Love

8. Camouflage

9. Wonderful Life

10. All In