Milo Greene @ The High Dive 02.08.12

February 8, 2012

Combining elements of post rock with the pop str aight-forwardnes and groove of Foster the People. Out of the gate Milo Greene have a sound of their own. And it's backed by marching band cinematic drums. In town just wrapping up recording sessions for their debut effort, the set begins to a modest crowd, though impressive for a Wednesday night at the High Dive. Whispy vocals over heartbreak guitar melodies are a quick mood change. Instantly accessible and soothing. It's not hard to imagine them playing this same set opening an evening at Key Arena. And the opening slot is certainly not meant as an insult either. More of a testing of waters, after all they've yet to release an album as it is, there has to be a proving ground somewhere.

It's interesting to watch their song progressions as they shift from challenging to smooth in moments, and with ease as well. Having a cute bassist doesn't hurt either. It worked for the smashing pumpkins, right? Banjos, guitars, and multiple vocalists fill out songs meant for a starry night in the back of a pick up truck.

Continually compelling tracks are mesmerizing watching them balance pop and instrumental atmospherics. You can see they're great at constructing pop melodies but have a desire to reach for greater heights. Will that translate for audiences when their album drops? Perhaps, but the true test is time. Their clean complex sound looks great on paper (which really means they sound like a headlining band for clubs like this) but I'm curious for the recordings. The true test. The sounds are there, the performance presence is there, but are the songs? Immediate stand out "1957" suggests absolutely. In a year of boy, girl duets the track is one for the times and tempts fate to take them to new heights once it's fully unleashed on the world. But for now, in places this small with questionable personnel manning the sound consol, it's hard to tell. Let's reconvene when the album drops because a band like this deserves a fair shake and a further examination for certain. Hear 1957 for yourself here: