Minus The Bear @ The Comet Tavern

August 27, 2012

Ok, let's start this off on the honest foot, I know... Just about nothing when it comes to Minus The Bear. I've heard a hand full of songs once or twice in friends cars, I've never sat through an album, but hey I thought, what better way to see a show at the commet for the first time, no t to mention a band all my friends have raved about for years and years. 

Well at least they punished me first for my insolence. I arrived under the impression the band would be on at 9, and after staring at the dollar tacked ceiling for an hour, it was clear this was... Just not the case. After a brief set from helms alee and a personal trip to marios pizza, the band finally took the small stage.

And good lord is it loud in here. I'm not sure what they're playing, if the songs are new or old but it makes sense why people dig em. The sound is perfect for the space and even if I had to wait an irritatinglyong time to hear it, it does definitely transport me from Monday to Friday. And I think most purple here not only agree, but are pretty fixing stoked. Some great transfixing breakdowns that seem to fit in with ease despite their layed back style. It's also great to hear those bizarre guitar lines live, notes being fluttered and picked out like air. The show marks the release of the bands new album, produced by former keyboardist turned metal pro, matt bayles. I'm.... Not sure if the songs are new or old that I'm hearing, but despite being trapped in a brick box of a venue the band craft soundscapes far beyond our surroundings, which is probably what got people to bite in the first place. Spaced out vast airy epics that are just as easily placed in the Cascades as try are in a rock basement. Tripping on the constellations. We all need a second chance is full of lovely delayed out guitar and thick sludge bass. Driving drums pull everything together like string through cloth and make it impossible to stand still. Perhaps I'm slowly becoming a believer. The whole thing feels very "indie" but it's so honest it's hard not to be down. 

After a rousing speech reminding us all how this isn't just about the band, but raising money for ref 74 to approve gay marriage in the state of Washington (more info here: http://music4marriage.org/) the boys launch into a song I apparently know! Or recognize, or whatever! It is interesting to note that at 23 I'm one of the younger members of the crowd. A bit curious but I suppose logical as it's been some time since mtb started making their first impressions. Apparently the first set of tunes were all new by the way, which I guess means their new album is pretty good. People very excited for these older jams tho.

This really is great. I'm just an old man and it's a touch too loud and a tad too late, but that means they should be perfect at the Showbox Market in November.