Oh Hey Space X - Thats Some Beautiful Landing Footage You Got There

The Falcon 9 successfully landed and everyone went bananas

January 14, 2016

TL;DR - scroll down for kick ass video.

Last  month, the nerds at SpaceX successfully followed in Jeff Bezos' footsteps by shooting a payload into space followed by landing the rocket itself back on earth without damaging the module. It's a remarkable feat enabling humanity to be less wasteful when leaving our own atmosphere. Previously, rocket carcasses would just burn up during reentry or become a deep sea monster's seafloor condo. Now they can be refurbished and recycled for the next mission!

SpaceX Pre-launch

When I read about the big tech companies in our country doing amazing things, I can't help but be skeptical that they'll just use that innovation to drive profits or war or something. They wouldn't indeed be seeking astronauts to visit Saturn and throw weightless skittles at each other. But then you see a huge group of space enthusiasts, nerds, PR people and engineers realizing that their visions of mathematical computation - only previously seen in computer modeling - actually physically worked. The joyous shouts make me willing to dismiss the evil that drives our innovation forward and savor the moment, though immediately fleeting, that success became tangible. 

Watch this beautiful footage set to the music of Incubus and enjoy the various parts of human brains working in unison:

Space is awesome.