Orbital + Paul Chambers @ The Paramount 09.27.12

September 27, 2012
Paul chambers absolutely crushed it to no one (shame on you, Seattle). His set was pummeling, relentless, and absolutely everything Justice should have been when they played here earlier this year. Mixing elements of acid-techno-house-jungle and sometimes just pure nois e, his command of "the build" is like Neptune to the oceans. Reving up to the point of splintering apart before massively crashing down. Bringing me back to when electro first reared it's head back in 06. Even the pedestrian listener got their fix with his drops of remixes for Boys Noize, ZZT, and a subtle but killer reference to Soulwax. The only detractors of the set came from the fact that some son if a bitch kept the lights on the whole time, and it deserved the attention of about 10,000 people going bananas in some festival tent, not the Seattle two-step. Also, turn it up for god sake! This isn't your grandmas house, THIS IS FUCKING TECHNO.

Orbital are wow... There's a reason they're legends. A commanding and minimal live set up that feels huge without being much more than some flashpots and parcans, time travel you back to the 90s. Their trademark light flanked headpieces bob along to the pumping bass. As my girlfriend puts it "this is exactly what I imagined raves out in the desert were like when I was a kid!". It's crazy to think in the early 90s it was the same thing with projectors and now we have LED screens. Holding on to the idea that just because you can do more, doesn't mean you should. And the minimalism pays off. Orbitals tracks hit harder than ever, and the small but devoted crowd are showing it as the bass rolls off the echoey walls of the paramount. If there's any disappointment in the disappointing turn out (again, come ON Seatle), they certainly don't show it, constantly occupied by an array if synths, mixers, ipads and the like, to say the duo are enthusiastic is an understatement, which is an incredible thing when your playing a set built for thousands to around one. It is loud on another level but the set gets only more intense with time, warping synths and break beats assault the senses for the last time any of us will likely see these champions in our lifetime. And thank the bpm's for Decibel Fest or we might never have seen them in the first place.