Paramore with Metric and Hellogoodbye Key Arena Seattle 10.16.13

October 16, 2013

Wow!  What a show Paramore put on last night at Key Arena!  Seattle was the starting point for the biggest tour ever for the band.  Singer Hayley Williams absolutely blew my mind and from what I could tell by the expressions in the front row I wasn’t the only one feeling that wa y. 

I see hundreds of bands perform each year and it’s very rare for me to get my face rocked off like I did last night.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…for me personally, the differentiator between a good show and a great one is authenticity.  Give me a rock star that shows energy and genuinely has a good time on stage and I’m in.  Pair that with great music and a photographers dream stage and lighting set up and you see me grinning from ear to ear!  This concert was one of the most fun I’ve shot all year. 

Starting the night out HelloGoodbye got the crowd revved up right followed by an exceptionally great performance from 2012 Deck the Hall Ball veterans Metric.  The lineup for this tour is brilliant in my opinion. 

Lots of pics in this blog post, it was painful to delete any!

Mat Hayward
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Thoroughly pumped up by Metric and Hellogoodbye the crowd was ready for Paramore!

All smiles all the time!

This shot below I think is my number one favorite photo I've snapped in 2013...

Exactly how I felt watching this show!

You first!

I tried to kick this high.  My pants ripped.


Best. Stage. Ever

Now it's a party.

Epic crowd participation duing this portion of the set.

Yes, I know it wasn't just the Hayley show :)

Look what happens when she turns off her gravity boots.  I knew she couldn't be from this planet!

Don't mess with Mr. In Between

I feel like we really shared a moment here :)