Passion Pit with Matt & Kim at Paramount 03.06.13

March 6, 2013
Michael, Jeff and Ian from Passion Pit stopped by the extraordinarily cool Caffe Vita loft on Capitol Hill a couple of hours before their performance at Paramount.  They were there to learn some espresso art from the super great Caffe Vita team with a handful of End listeners.  It turned out that Jeff Apruzzese already had some pretty serious barista skills in his arsenal.  A few shots of espresso down the hatch and these guys were ready to put on a show!

Jeff's foam mustache was pretty awesome.

The crowd was ready for a show!

Matt & Kim exploded on the stage and gave them one!

I've been digging through my archives trying to see if I've ever seen a more photogenic drummer through my camera lens.  The answer is an emphatic NO!  Kim Schifino does not stop!  She is either, smiling from ear to ear, growling or spanking herself.  All of which made for some really great photo opportunities!  I knew how fun Matt & Kim were from the last time they were in town when they performed the first ever "Dead End Session."  It was then that they performed the unbelievable "Quadruple Boob Squeeze."  The patent is pending.  You can see those images by clicking here:  Dead End Session

Let this be a lesson to you...don't text and walk down stairs at the same time!  Matt informed the crowd that Kim would be walking on them...first she had to put on a special boot as she had injured herself last month. 

GREGR hit the stage to get the crowd even more pumped up for Passion Pit.

The effects from the Caffe Vita visit clearly hadn't worn off as Michael Angelakos was jumping and running across the stage like a caged animal!

Thanks for checking out the photos! 

-Mat Hayward