The 5 Coolest Places to Shop in Ballard

February 2, 2016

Because who knows Ballard better than I do? Well, probably a lot of people. After living on Ballard Ave. for a year and in the neighborhood itself for a few more years... I think I've got a pretty good idea. I love all the local shops and small businesses, the brick buildings, the charm! Ballard is the best. Here are 5 of the coolest places to shop in my favorite Seattle neighborhood.

1. Prism

This may be one of the most "hipster" stores you ever step foot in, but you'll want one of everything! They sell clothes, jewelry, bath stuff, gifts, camping gear, and more. And the place smells amazing. 

2. Ballyhoo Curiosity Shop

Fairly new to Ballard. They technically sell antiques, but everything is kinda weird or creepy. (I mean that in the best way possible.) You can find all kinds of taxidermied animals, bugs, masks, skulls, and other home decor that I'm sure Jack White would love to own.

3. Gold Dogs

Their vintage flannel selection is amazing! They sell band t-shirts, fabulous jewelry, socks that make quite the fashion statement, and much more. It's very rock & roll in there.

4. Annie's Art & Frame

I have an insane amount of concert posters that need framing and if I ever have enough money to get them framed, I'll be going here. They also have a ton of gifts, cards, prints, and gadgets made by local artists. It's my favorite place to shop for the holidays 'cause I can find something for everyone.

5. Sonic Boom Records

I mean, duh. They have a ton of new/used vinyl and accessories plus CDs, cassettes, and magazines.