Purity Ring + Neon Indian @ The Croc 10.05.11

October 5, 2011

I could type a thousand words in an attempt to co nvey to you what an experience Purity Ring are live, but they may as well all be in chinese because nothing compares to actually being present in the moment at one of their shows. Cooking up an atmosphere so thick you can taste it, the duo take the sparsely lit stage with a special mix of charisma and mystique. Armed only with a homebuilt device designed by Corin that looks a lot like robot deer antlers, when struck illuminates and triggers elements of the bands heavily processed sonic assault. Opposite Corin stands Megan who's tender vocals betray the sinister nature of her lyrics as she strikes an illuminating base drum with her mallet. The set includes familiar tracks Belispeak, Lofticries, as well as the often heard on Ultrasound, Ungirthed. The crowd clearly knows what's up as many had already arrived when Purity Ring took the stage, but a steady stream of those still in the bar flowed in throughout the set, their curiosities captivated by the the bands peculiar and inviting sound. One thing instantly noticeable at the end of the set was the exodus of people who clearly need to pee/another beer/get to be early but couldn't bare to be torn away. It's unquestionable that Purity Ring are something special and are definitely on the rise. Look for 2012 to be a year of festival domination and heavy touring (as well as a debut album).

Neon Indian are infectiously fun. Touring now as a live band, the sound is flushed out, full in stuffed with fluttering synths and thick fuzz charged guitars. Any complaints about the bands studio records (perhaps the lo-fi sound present on the debut didn't suit your 21st century needs) are all but washed away as songs that normally sound like background noise and television static (though most likely on purpose) take on new life in the immediacy of the live setting, trading quiet polite square wave melodies for a far more in your face presence. Stand outs of the night include the played-too-early-in-the-set jam Polish girl, along with an extremely necessary 2 song encore (doesn't it seem like every band encore's these days whether the crowd is stoked or not?) People definitely couldnt get enough, which brings us to the interesting observation of how bro-y the crowd was. To say Neon Indian have crashed through the doors to the college market would be a gross understatement, but bro's aside everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and eachothers company as the set wrapped up just after midnight + 30.