The Replacements @ Paramount Theatre 04.09.15

April 10, 2015

The Replacements performed in front of a sold out Paramount Theatre on Thursday night in Seattle. Last year I caught a part of their show during Bumbershoot  and saw then how fun they are to shoot. At the time I didn't realize how serious their fan base was/is about them. It seemed clear to me last night that for many people in the audience the Replacements have had a tangible impact on their lives in one way or another.

The show started with the curtain closed while the band played the first of the three songs I was allowed to photograph from the pit. As a photographer it was  a bummer as there was nothing to shoot. As a fan however, I love when this happens. As the song progressed, the anticipation built and when the curtain was finally pulled back the release of energy was overwhelming. If you check out their Facebook page you can watch a video of what we couldn't see while the song as being performed. Reading through comments after the show on their FB wall, I think Blair summed up the show best when he wrote "Gritty, unrefined and loud...perfect"

See ya next time!

-Mat Hayward
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