Review: Morrissey @ The Moore 03.06.13

March 7, 2013

Morrissey played a sold out show last night at the Moore theater, at 8:30 because its a school night and he's got a bed time. The band took the stage in oddly matching Ford Trucks muscle tee's and Moz himself rocked a weird button down that could have fit in well at a rodeo. Couldn't quite tell what mini moz in the kick drum head was wearing but I'm sure it was right on par. He kicked things off right too, the crowd moving like an ocean to the sounds of The Smiths classic "shoplifters of the world unite".
And there was no shortage of sharp tongue, "I remember this bathroom, it's haunted, well... It is now" playfully ripping on the old venue. The whole show is kind of hilarious when you step outside and look at it, it's so profoundly English. It's one in a million when you get a guy that is such a notorious prick and so deliberately refuses to follow pop culture and people actually love him for it. From his irreverent movements to at times, complete disregard for the crowd, turning his back and standing there but everyone in the room gobbled it up like candy. Logically too, the man rarely tours and when he does he almost always cancels (as he did here) and with his fading health, who knows when, if at all that we'll have a chance to see him again. Definitely hilarious to hear the guy who wrote "This Charming Man" making jokes about Bellingham (a spot where they were unable to make up a previous show), just bizarre.

He sounds incredible is the best part, his voice holds up after all these years and aside from a few more solo catalog tunes, I can't imagine it's a whole lot different from seeing him in the 90s. The band are album tight and it's great to see him in such a tiny spot. Last time I had a chance to see the moz was at Coachella where he was but a speck in the distance and dropped the famous "I smell burning flesh... It better be human" line. The Moore theater had a total coup tonight, that's for sure.
It's hilarious to see grown men and women frantically reaching to the stage for just a graze of his touch or a handshake, a mere acknowledgement, gifts being thrust in his direction, the man is a true rock star. Don't see you getting that kind of attention Brandon flowers. "That joke isn't funny anymore" is another huge standout even if its hard not to wish Johnny Marr was the one playing these leads. At one point he passed the mic to the crowd after posing the question "what is more important, thought or expression?" After dismissing many answers he declares "they're both equal" "very wise, but wrong" soliciting a laugh from the whole room. It's not all doom and gloom after all. Oh wait, the he played the "meet your meat" video and it was. Oh Moz.
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