Sasquatch 2013 Wrap Up - Day 1

May 25, 2013

Don't let it fool you.  Day one is treacherous.  It sets the tone for a whole weekend of festival going, so you gotta do it right.  For Sasquatch that means getting here early so you don't sit in the camping entrance line for 3 hours, set up that tent ASAP, crack the beers and enjoy.... oh yeah, it rained. A lot. Thankfully the music didn't start till 4p because the morning wasn't spent raging, it was all about nap time and concerving energy for what ended up being a pretty overcast day here at the gorge.

For the first time in ages the crowd dawned jackets and blazer, faux fur coats, and all sorts of thrift shop accessories to keep them warm on the night of Macklemore's triumphant Mainstage ascention.  With a taste of what to expect audible from the campground the night before, no one could have expected the giant light up Willy Wonka lettering, a 50 foot rising platform, and of course and absolutely packed and bananas hometown crowd filling the floor to near panicking levels and of course packing out the green amphitheater hill.

Vampire Weekend delivered the days other high profile set, playing an intimate set from the Bigfoot stage, the band easily belonged on the main but gave off a special feel to those who chose the indie darlings over hometown flavor.  Performing a great deal off their new and stellar record Modern Vampires Of The City, the set also covered crowd pleasers like Oxford Comma, A-Punk, and more.  A lucky few even caught their End Session in our Captain Morgan Black acoustic tent which you'll be able to hear by listening to our live broadcast all weekend long.

It's also worth mentinoing that Baauer set off the Chupacabra tent dropping his massively famous "Harlem Shake" midway through his night ending set.  Only perhaps to be outdone by the incredible 10 minutes we caught of Matthew Dear playing to a nearly empty tent, pumping out disco anthems that'll only be rivaled by Holy Ghost! later in the weekend.  Staying alive on a steady stream of junkfood and beer, check back tomorrow and on our facebook for more.