Sasquatch 2013 Wrap Up - Day 2

May 26, 2013

Day 2 of Sasquatch kicked off the way any festival you're forced to camp at should.  Grilled breakfast and a number of drinking games to prepare you for a day to be filled with tunes and long periods of standing (Seriously, does anyone else notice how much easier it is to wait for bands whe n you've got 2 or 3 Redhook's in you?

Holy Ghost was a party unlike anything I've ever seen on the second stage at the Gorge with so many inflatable beach balls/sharks/giant turtles being tossed in the air upon the opening of theit set it was tough to keep tabs on the band while you feared for your eyesight.  The whole thing came off like an MTV spring break set with your rap rock swapped out for brilliant modular-synth driven disco fueling a gigantic miday dance party.  Even the new songs they dropped sounded stellar (inlcuding some well placed laser sounds for those wondering).

After that it was a stumble to a multitude of stages.  Catching Bloc Party lighting up the mainstage, every arm in the pit in the air as they pummeled the amphitheater with their early 2000 brand of aggressive dance jams (not unlike the artic monkeys days before).  A trip to Divine Fits on the Big Foot stage was sidetracked by the one man briliance of Porcelain Raft playing to nearly no one on the tiny yeti stage as the sun set.  A peculiar brand of noise and electronics craeting an oppressive blend of sounds that left everyone in attendance in awe (or that might have been the very apparent pot smoke in the air)

The day wound down with a life changing dance party with John Talabot in the Chupacabra tent (Seriously, I dare you to find a more primal group of humans expressing themselves to the vibrations of music.  And then cresting the hill for The XX who's signature slowdown-heartbreak cuts couldn't have felt more perfect than sillhoutted by the dunk outlines of the perfect scenery.  Setting up Sigur Ros for a classic late night set waxing and waning in intensity throughout the evening. Ágætis byrjun indeed.