Sasquatch 2013 Wrap Up - Day 3

May 27, 2013

Lets be real here.  There may be 4 days of Sasquatch, but day 3 is the last shenanigans balls to the wall all out good time.  Packing the weekends biggest headliner and the best weather to speak of so far, it didn't disappoint either. (Unless you were the people camping near us that ha d to deal with the blasting of Top 40 tunes while team End prefunked w/ the Red Hook folks, then we're just sorry).  It should also be noted that Cascasdia has a real presence here and with all the canadians running around who seem pretty cool, it doesn't seem like such a bad idea at times to just start our own little nature friendly passive aggressive nation.


Mumford and Sons were the darlings of the weekend, not playing the Northwest since their appearance at our Deck The Hall Ball, the gentlemen played to a packed out Gorge where the foot stomping registered seismic.  Members of the band were in such high spirits that they said if they died tonight, this just might be heaven.  Hanging out with 25,000 smelly sweaty people at The Gorge... guess it depends on what side of the stage you're standing.  The set drew to a close with a fantastic rendition of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chains" complete with the entirety of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros as a backing band.

Other highlights came in the form of Primus 3D, who seem to be in a race with the Flaming Lips for most gimmicky live set you can see for the 100th time but they somehow rope you back into seeing it just one more time under a new guise.  That said, it was the perfect way to end a night out under the stars with some 3D glasses strapped to your head, enjoying the strangest brand of progrssive jam funk anywhere.  (And in a state where no matter if you were high or not, you felt it, no less.

Honorable metions to Diiv and Danny Brown for rocking the most fun filled midday slots, bringing chilled out shoegze on one stage and a drunken showcase of the most vicious verses around on the main.  Definitely Catch DB and CHBP this year if you're headed out to yet another fest.  Grimes gets the downvote of the day as per usual her set was marred with sound difficulties and just general poor showmanship.  And now it's off to a rainy day 4, check our facebook for more pics.