Sasquatch Day 1 Recap

May 26, 2012

What is Sasquatch day 1? or rather, what does it mean to the rest of us? Is it truly the start of an epic memorial day weekend? Or a welcoming pre-party for those that get there early enough? For most it felt like the prize for standing in the epic lines  to swap tickets for wristbands, and tha ts not even mentioning the 1-2 hour lines you wait in to enter the campgrounds. Seriously, headliner day 1, LINES. That said, once you got in the Gorge was as spectacular as ever. Huge white clouds skating across the skies at high speeds on an unusually windy day (yes I realize the Gorge is a genera lly windy place, but today was especially so). Thus far this year much like Coachella finally feels as though the fest has completely shed it's music-lovers-paradise roots, for a full on mainstream experience.  Walking passed the the steady stream of kids making the pilgrimage from the camp ground it was like some sort of Urban Outfitters commercial based on the movie Ten Commandments, just waves and waves of kids who had spent hours compiling out fits torn from catalogues based on 2006 hipster fashion. 

Which, by the way, here's a list of played out stuff for you to avoid for next year (or you know, now and forever):

Hats that say "FRAT" "PARTY" "RAVE" 
animal hats, boots, shirts, gloves, masks, actually just animal anything
being under the age of 19
dressing like waldo
the color pink
being all over your girlfriend/boyfriend because mom isnt around
doing drugs
not doing drugs
fanny packs
"having the time of your life"

Musically the day was litered with opportunities to catch great tunes, be it at our end sessions with the ever fantastic Allen Stone and Sub Pop's own, Blitzen Trapper (who's sessions, as well as future ones you can stream online here: or Maybe you caught Mark Lannegan playing a crushing set both emotionally and in decibels to about 200 people (for shame NW) or the mainstage party that was Santigold packing the place out as she invited kids onstage to dance onstage with her, before Girl Talk and Pretty Lights brought the dance party with their fireworks, dance parties, wub wubs, and 1 or 2 glowsticks (seriously, sheild your eyes cuz those things are flying around).  
And as is the case with Sasquatch, the show is just the beginning of the festival as the night erupts into strange drunken stories for another day back at the camp ground. All I can say is giant jenga, hands slammed in RV doors, and australian accents (I can also apparently sound like a 14 year old girl with my attempts to be cryptic). Onto day 2!