Sasquatch Day 3 Recap

May 28, 2012

Days 3 and 4 of Sasquatch are quite a blur. Be it from the copious amounts of alcohol you're intaking, the very little and poor sleep you've been getting in the campgrounds (seriously, who's raving at 5 am? What do these people do when they're not here?) Or maybe you're just dehy drated because everything here, liquid or otherwise is selling at an adjusted price of about 900% inflation.  Regardless of the reasoning, it's still not tough to power on because well, you're at the Gorge, there's still bands to be seen, views to be had, and relaxing times to be so aked in (cuz seriously, going back to work on Tuesday is just brutal). 

The much hyped local boy, Reignwolf starts of Sundays festivities with a set to a modest crowd over at the Yeti stage, comprised of rockstar stage antics (sitting on the shoulders of a securtiy guard while soloing comes to mind) and pure shred chops, the guys stage show is no doubt totally engaging and impressive (probably how he's garnered big name fans like the Soundgarden guys) but does he have any real songs in there to blow up remains to be seen.

Next up is a quick little stop in to The End's acoustic tent for and encore performance from The Head and The Heart who later today would go on to play to their largest crowd ever on the mainstage, around 15,000 people (nearly double last years early day slot), but first they'd kick things off (And debute new songs) to the intimate crowd here, inviting everyone onstage for a rowdy rendition of Lost In My mind as well as rocking a cover from friend and fellow Washintonian, Damien Jurado.

Beat Connection in the Banana Shack continue the parade of local love, playing to a fairly packed tent and debuting new songs left and right ("Palace Garden, 4am" is a huge winner as well as currently in rotation on Ultrasound, "Think/Feek" where guest vocalist Chelsea made a live appearance). Look for them at Capitol Hill Block party, they just got added to the line-up and are guaranteed to be the right vibes in some Cap hill sunshine. (photo stolen from A.H.)

Continuing on in the Banana shack, german slow build, atmosophere champions, Apparat deliver one of the most heartfelt and intense sets of the weekend, as the sun sets and the tent slowly sways as the intense melodies build to epic heights. (Although one crowd member looking to dance exclaims "this band is so chill, all the hot guys are putting their shirts back on". Quote of the day, right there.)

LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy wraps things up with a 2+ hour dj set of disco dubs, chicago house, and well, probably the only good reason you have to miss Bon Iver. In 2 hours (and I consider myself fairly versed in electronic music) the guy played 1 song I knew, and even that was fairly obscure. And yet, the whole time the tent was just going off to the point where he commented (through his headphones which he was using as a mic) that this had to have been one of the best sets he'd spun in a few years. Thats what makes a night like this special, is the times when even when bro-step is at it's height of popularity, thousands of people can come together and celebrate real dance music. It should give us all hope for humanity. On to day 4!