Sasquatch! Day One 05.23.14

May 24, 2014

Sasquatch! 2014 kicked off in a big way on Friday May 23.  This was my first day ever at Sasquatch so I was in for a lot of surprises.  Scroll down to see some photos from the day.

Mat Hayward
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Walking in to the Gorge fans are greeted by one of my all time favorite groups... Super Geek League!  They are an awesome band that brings stimulation not only to your ears, but to your eyes and to your soul!  These g uys are so much fun, it is truly something you have to experience to understand.  They have their own stage at Sasquatch this year and are playing all day, every day throughout the festival. 

Mary Lambert started the day off on the main stage.  She has a beautiful voice, recited some poetry then informed the audience there was a solid chance the wind would kick her skirt up in the air.  "Your welcome." She said in advance of the viewing.  After that she pulled a hair out of her mouth and claimed it wasn't hers.  It was a bit of an awkward moment but kind of fun at the same time. 

The next band I caught was De La Soul on the main stage.

We'll be seeing KONGOS back in Seattle in a couple of weeks.  After some technical difficulties the brothers gave an energetic performance and showed us these guys are the real deal. 

One of my all time FAVORITE bands was up next on the main stage.  Cage the Elephant rules.  That's all there is to it.  Matt Shultz is a front man like no other, a real rock start that throws 100% of himself into every performance.  These guys are the best band touring anywhere right now in my opinion.  Now, if they can just get their pal Juliette Lewis to tour with them and come back through Seattle, my life will be complete. 

Naked and Famous were up next on the main stage.  They looked great, sounded great and it was an all around good set.

Foster the People have stepped up their game since the last time I saw them.  While I still scratch my head when I think about them headlining Bumbershoot and playing Sasquatch in the same year it was clear from their performance and the reaction from their fans that they are up to the challenge of playing our two biggest festivals within a relatively short period of time. 

Oh mama!  Phantogram!  I LOVE Phantogram!  Sarah Barthell has a voice that won't quit and Josh Carter is as cool as it comes.  The two together make a very strong team.  If you haven't heard their new album, you should.  It's amazing and so are they!

Circle back to the 9:00 performance by Super Geek League.  There isn't much my words can do to describe them better than the photos but let me say this.  In my opinion, Super Geek League is the BEST thing about Sasquatch!

OK, those of you that know me, know that Euro Pop is probably not a genre of music that I traditionally listen to.  Here is the exception.  Yelle!  I was very stoked to see her on the lineup.  Several years ago she put on a show at Neumos that rocked my world and I've been a fan ever since.  All of her songs are in French, I can't understand a word she says but I'm told her material is just filthy dirty as in Miley Cyrus would blush kind of material...well, that's probably an exageration but who cares?  Yelle is so much fun to watch and to listen to. J'adore Yelle!

Lots of buzz about Outkast at Sasquatch.  I watched their performance at Coachella via Youtube and to be honest I didn't get the hype.  I missed the Outkast craze back in the day so I really wasn't all that excited for this.  Then the show started and all that changed.  Andre 3000 and Big Boi started the show in a giant cube featuring a black and white, semi transparent American flag then came out and whipped the entire Gorge into a frenzy.  It was an awesome show very much worthy of the headlining slot on the bill. 

Now for the polar opposite of my experience with Outkast.  I have been listening to Die Antwoord a lot lately and was very much looking forward to seeing them live.  Their videos are the weirdest thing ever seen on the internet...ever (look it up, it's a scientific fact).  At about 15 minutes after midnight, the South African group Die Antwoord took the Bigfoot stage and simultaneously thousands of jaws went slack.  DJ Hi Tek starts the set with a super creepy dude on the big screen behind him and plays the beautiful love ballad "DJ Hi-Tek Rules.  If you were there, you know I'm being sarcastic when I say it was a beautiful love song.  If you weren't and you aren't familiar with the tune you can google it but be warned, it is definitely NOT a pc song and definitely not kid friendly. 

Yolandi Visser came out flipping off the audience and photographers in what I thought was a typical rock star gesture being cool, but after about 5 minutes of flipping everyone off it started to get a little old.  Later in the set on two different occassions I had the good fortune of being right under her as she dumped a bottle of water directly onto my camera then walked down the stage dumping more on other cameras.  It's one thing to spray a bottle of water out into the crowd which happens all the time.  This was an act of disdain and left me feeling conflicted because I love their music but now was starting to learn that maybe the singers...not so much. 

Ninja came out on stage shortly after looking...hmm, what's the word I'm looking for?  Oh yeah...terrifying!

So Yolandi dumping water on the photographers was a bit on the rude side but see the photo below to learn the exact moment they lost me as a fan.  Portland photographer Kirsten and I were the first in line to get into the pit and were both very excited for the show.  During the set I saw Ninja looking right into her camera and giving her the photographers dream shot...then he spit on her.  WTF? 

After a very disgusting experience I had with Marilyn Manson last year (Cheap Snot)  I have become maybe overly sensitive to this kind of stuff because I know some people will say.."yep, it's part of the gig..take it or leave it."  I think there is a line and it gets crossed when bodily fluids are exchanged without the consent of both parties ya know?

I digress....

This is the stuff nightmares are made of...yikes!