Sasquatch! Day Three 05.25.14

May 26, 2014

Day three at Sasquatch! was in my opinion the strongest for music by a long shot.  Some bands I knew would be great, some I was seeing and hearing for the first time and every single performance I saw was stellar.

Starting the main stage was John Grant.  I wasn't familia r with him but my friend Morgan Schuller expressed her love for him several times and I trust her musical instincts emphatically. She wasn't wrong.  He was pretty cool.

Up next on the main stage was one of the shows I had been looking forward to the most for the festival....Brody Dalle.  A group of my friends had driven to Portland Saturday night to see her and they went off a bout how great she was.  I talked to my friend Robb of Gutter Glitter Sunday morning after the show and he was still drunk.  It was described to me as an epic experience so getting to see her on the main stage at 2 in the afternoon w as an opportunity I wasn't going to miss.

The early shows on the main stage had been poorly attended over the weekend.  This was the exception.  While the amphitheater wasn't packed, it was by far the biggest crowd I had seen throughout the festival for an early perf ormance. 

Brody Dalle rocked my face off.  She woke up the Gorge in the best way possible and my mind was blown.  This was for me, the best concert I saw on the main stage over the weekend.  Download her new solo album on I-Tunes: HERE.  She is simply awesome. 

Later in the day I had the opportunity to meet Brody for a brief photo op.  She was as cool as you would expect her to be and this was a really great Sasquatch moment to meet her. 

Timing was tight, I had lost my wedding ring (!!!) and had to drive back to Quincy to find it (phew!). I raced back as fast as I could because I really wanted to catch the Sir Sly performance.  I made it just as they were getting started.  Sir Sly are good friends of the End and this was their first ever festival appearance.  They killed it and played like seasoned veterans.

I love this shot below because to me it describes what a music festival experience is all about.  Being in the moment and letting the music overcome you.

Cold War Kids!  They were in their own world and they invited the thousands watching the show to visit.  This show was phenomenal!  The entire band is awesome but there is something special about the chemistry on stage between bassist Matt Maust and singer Nathan Willett.  Headbutting each other, friendly shoves and general playfullness paired with powerful presence on the stage made for a memorable concert to say the least.

I caught a couple of seconds of Bob Mould.  The man can jam.

My good friend Ryan Gabbard has been telling me about Haim for a long time and finally I know what he has been talking about.  To be honest, my expectation was that this was going to be a pop show with a happy, bouncy vibe.  Nope...not so much.  This was a rock concert with hair everywhere!  These girls played HARD!  I was completely and totally surprised by the intensity and stage presence of these girls. 

Super Geek League Pillow Fight!

Rodriguez on the Bigfoot stage. 

If you aren't going to fight your way to the front of the stage, this is how to do a music festival at the Gorge.

Kid Cudi...awesome!  Not much else to say...just awesome.

Black Joe Lewis!  Are you kidding me? Have you heard this guy play?  If not, you should.  This was yet another MIND BLOWING performance on Sunday at Sasquatch.

Elbow played the mainstage.  Yet another surprise for me.  I wasn't familiar with them at all and their show was so good. 

Portugal. the Man played strong to a giant crowd at the Bigfoot stage.  Awesome show!

The main event!  Queens of the Stone Age.  Josh Homme came out and all I could think of was this:  "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry"

Then I snapped out of it and listened to these guys jam.  This was a HUGE concert.  Exactly what I expected from them.  It seemed like even the Gorge Amphitheater wasn't big enough to hold these guys. This was the best way to close out the main stage I can imagine.

Of course on my way out I had to stop by the Super Geek League stage one last time.  These were my final visions of Sasquatch.

Great job Live Nation!  You guys created one hell of an amazing weeked experience.