Sasquatch! Day Two 05.24.14

May 26, 2014

It took me a few hours on Day Two of Sasquatch! to recover from Day One.  It was a beautiful day at the Gorge and there were so many bands to choose from.  As I stated in the 'day one' blog post my favorite part of Sasquatch! was the Super Geek League stage.  I mentioned to my friend Commander Tomorrow who is the creative genius behind Super Geek League that I thought it would be kind of funny to have some eyes on the back of my head staring back at fans in the front row while I was shooting concerts.  He is a man of action and within a blink of an eye I was inside their makeup tent and this happened!  Thanks so much to for making the weekend weird!

Opening the Sasquatch stage at 1:00 was Willy Mason.  The crowd was a bit thin as I would imagine there were more than 20,000 ticket holders still nursing some serious hangovers and getting ready to start preparing for their next one.  Willy was great!

On the way back to the press room I heard Deap Vally on the Yeti stage and had to pop over to take a look.  These girls sounded great and looked to me to be a pair of musicians that would be a lot of fun to be at Sasquatch with.  They clearly know how to have a good time.

The Augustines were the 2nd band on the main stage and they were friggin awesome!  They were an explosion of energy that really woke the crowd up and got us all going.  I hope to see them again soon.

Oh no.  I was walking the festival when I heard roars of laughter coming from inside the El Chupacabra tent.  I made my way to the stage and watched comedian Bridget Everett sexually assault the entire tent.  The security guard directly in front of the stage got the bulk of her attention as she caressed his hair and wrapped her legs around his torso until she was ready to move on to the crowd.  The guy shown in the photo below was volunteered by his friends to go up on stage and got probably the most interesting view of any stage at Sasquatch.  Whoa.

Super Geek League does nothing on a small scale.  This is a shot of the funnest sport ever...Geek Volleyall!

I was very excited to see the Violent Femmes on the main stage.  I can't think of one other band I photographed that while snapping pics I was singing along to every word.  It's almost impossible to listen to the Violent Femmes and not sing along!  "When I'm a walkin, I strut my stu-uff and I'm so strung out....."  I'll bet the song gets stuck in your head now.  Your welcome because the Violent Femmes are amazing!

More Super Geek League shenanigans.  The goblin was dangerous in many ways. 

'Washed Out' on the Bigfoot stage was a lot of fun.

Think twice before volunteering to be brought on stage at Super Geek League.  You just might become a part of the stage itself. 

The biggest crowd of the day filled the amphitheater to see M.I.A.  She was so much fun to photograph.  The crowd was jumping along so much I would be curious if this concert registered on a ricther scale nearby.

She allowed some photographers back into the pit near the end of her set to grab some shots of a couple of drones She had hovering above. 

Tyler the Creator on the Bigfoot stage.  He played pretty much in the dark but I did manage to get one workable photo.

I saw many familiar faces in the crowd from End events when the National came out.  The band came out led by Matt Berninger holding a glass of white wine.  They immediately started playing in their hypnotic way.  The band doesn't come across as particularly energetic to me but there is definitely an energy about a National concert.  They are one of those bands it's nice to just close your eyes and absorb the sound as their music has a way of penetrating the soul. 

That's it for day two.  Be sure to check out pics from Days one and three on the Live Music Blog!