Sasquatch! Music Festival @ The Gorge Amphitheatre Friday and Saturday 2015

May 24, 2015

The first two days of the Sasquatch! Music Festival have been great! I can only be in 10 or 12 places at once but I have given it my best effort to cover as much as I can. There has been so much great music I've lost track of everything I have seen. The fans are bananas (see below)!

Stand out performances for me so far have been the ever-snarky Father John Misty. He worked hard to create an intimate experience between him and each individual person in the massive crowd while beach balls were flying in his face.

Local musicians Thunderpussy were out of control in the best way possible. Make sure you check them out the next chance you get. Twenty One Pilots blew my mind. It was just a hair under 175 degrees outside and the fans were wearing ski masks to represent their loyalty to the band. I had no idea how extremely entertaining these two guys were.

Modest Mouse closed out the main stage Saturday night and absolutely killed it.

One of my favorite performances of the festival so far was Gogol Borello on the main stage Friday afternoon. The band had the crowd so amped up so fast that the barricade broke during the first s ong! It should be noted that the security responded to this in heroic fashion as it could have been a disaster. They reacted so fast that they were able to push the barricade back up with nothing more than brute strength and determination. As a result the barricade never hit the ground and the crowd raged on. I was very impressed.

Mat Hayward
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Ayon Jones and the Way kicked off the main stage Friday. So good!


Check out Pepper stealing my job with Of Monsters and Men :)

This is the most perfectly timed photo I've ever taken. Cardiknox getting a friendly fist pump from a photographer. PS, note to all concert photographers..when there are other shooters behind you keep your friggin hands down! Rant over.

The New Pornographers

Gogol Bordello!!!

Action Bronson


Little Dragon


This was the surprise of the festival as far as I'm concerned. Will Butler of Arcade Fire performing as a solo artist at 1:00 on the main stage Saturday.

Benjamin Booker

Black Pistol Fire

Twenty One Pilots

The Young Evils playing Uranus

Pepper doin her thing with Twenty One Pilots

Mackenzie Mercer of The Young Evils

Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots

I took this picture and even I'm not entirely sure what he hell is going on here. Look closely.

Nastiest name in rock n roll. Diarrhea Planet. They were jammin!

Diarrhea Planet

As good a place as any to take a nap I suppose.

The War On Drugs. Based on what I've seen in the crowd the last couple of days I would say the war efforts are failing miserably.

These girls have been in the front row for every single performance at every single stage.

Sylvan Esso

It was great to meet Josh Tillman of Father John Misty. I'm such an asshole though. This guy is one of my favorites and all I could muster up to say was "I really like your record man." I walked away after taking the pictures slapping myself in the foreheard and yelling "IDIOT!" at myself in my best Chris Farley voice.

Glass Animals were so great!

Drunk bananas are the best!

The Decemberists

I see you.


Father John Misty

Modest Mouse