Sasquatch Recap Day 2

May 27, 2012

Four day festivals, while wonderful in theory are sometimes difficult to balance in terms of booking. Creating days like Saturday where we have what we like to call "too much good stuff". From the gates opening at noon to the last notes of The Roots, the whole day is filled with amazing ac ts which forced a lot of people to drink early, head in, and stick out the duration (seriously, thats no small walk back and forth from the campgrounds.
it wasn't for nothing though, early day smaller acts like  Electric Guests, rewarded the impressive early turnout with energized, a lbum quality sets that breathed life into the overcast day (despite the weather being less than sunny, anything is better than rain/hail/fire balls. And it didn't get too chilly anyway).

Stand outs of the day included Kurt Vile who's brand of slacker surf rock could have used a few extra rays to enhance, but when you closed your eyes you can be stoned on any beach you want.  Comtruise took the Banana Shack back a few decades with a set that relied heavily on 80s synth touchstones before Aarabmuzik played somewhat baffling set containing no less than 6 Skrillex covers (this is not a joke). Purity Ring of course delivered another stellar set to their biggest NW crowd yet, only falling slightly short from an unfortunate daylight set time. 

Part of the music festival experience is rolling with the punches. Be it the $3.50 water (strong armed robbery), the 9 dollar chicken casadilla (again, strong armed robbery) or when your friends hip you to a surprise performance from Seattle native, Reignwolf, who took not to the stage between The Shins and Jack White, but performed a totally unsanctioned, unapproved mini set atop the Easy Street Records van/booth. Both of which looked as though they were going to collapse as the kid banged out the kick drum simultaniously shredding and somehow holding onto the mic as he sang. When it comes to garage rock, this dudes got it, are the songs there yet? I'm not sure, but I know if he's playing near you next friday, or some friday, whatever, it's definitely worth drinking a couple beers to.

This is where the rolling with the punches takes a turn with the interesting. Now I'm not saying these circumstances apply to everyone, but sometimes you happen to be in the right place, at the right time, when one of your coworkers needs to head backstage to take care of some unfinished business and you quietly tag along, only to find yourself handed sidestage passes to check out the man himself, Jack White. Now let me clear up some misconceptions here before you get all mad about me mentioning this. Being a DJ affords you many cool opportunities. You get to meet many interesting people, be it musicians, actors, industry folk, whatever. You get invited to exclusive events like venue openings, private shows, dinnes with record label reps. BUT none of it is ever guaranteed. When I woke up this morning, all I knew was my special little bracelet got me into the venue, never did I even think to imagine being sidestage for something like the performance Jack put on (and my excitement wasn't exactly stiffled when the only other people on the viewing platform were most of the members from Metric and The Shins, seriously that Emily Haines is a babe and a half. I've spent many Memorial day weekends at the Gorge, camping with my friends, sitting on the hill, fighting my way to the front rail of the barrier, going to the hospital after NIN headlined and a crowdsurfer slammed down on my neck, waited 2 hours in traffic to get out of the parking lot back in the day. BASICALLY, the point of this rant, is that out of the 20,000 people that file in and out of here every day, if you love music enough, and you care enough to do this sort of stuff, it can and will happen. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Jack White by the way, absolutely killed it. Whether it was showcasing tracks from his latest, Blunderbus, to dropping massive sing along hits (Steady as she goes comes to mind). But perhaps the most amazing part of the evening, came from a crowd initiated "OOOH OOHHH OHH OHHH" to the tune of 7 Nation Army as everyone looked on waiting for an encore.  One has to take into consideration that this is the first time many people are hearing a lot of these tracks live, and despite it being Jack's first festival headlining spot under his own name, he dispells any doubts about whether or not he can hold the attention of the masses (I think literally everyone was singing along to "We Are Gonna Be Friends") and at the end of the day, Sasquatch proved it didn't need a Foo Fighters sized headliner to have an ace up it's sleeve. Onto day 3!