See where the new Light Rail path will go underneath the UW campus

January 29, 2018

If you happen to be walking across campus at the University of Washington and feel a rumbling beneath your feet*, don't worry it isn't THE BIG ONE, it's probably just a light rail cruising into the new station in the U-District (ok but it could actually be the big one).

In 2021, which is apparently 'soon' according to mass transit experts, a new light rail station is opening in the U-District. The path will take the train from the Husky Stadium station, zip you below The Hub and The Quad on UW's campus, and pop you out on Brooklyn Ave NE (underneath Slate and the UW Tower).

Sound Transit just released a video showing exactly where the tracks will take you below campus, which will put you between 70 and 140 feet below the surface.

According to the video, it should only take eight minutes to get from the U-District to downtown via the light rail, which is a breeze when you consider the closest on-ramps to I-5 can be pretty messy at rush hour.

It's hard to tell what the city might look like in 2021 and what your commute might look like, but it's pretty cool to know exactly where you'll be when you're cruising below UW students who, by 2021, each will be 40 quadrillion dollars deep in student loans.

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*you shouldn't actually feel any rumbling as the train will run on a "floating slab," which happened to be my nickname on the high school swim team.

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