Skrillex @ WaMu Theater 10.25.11

October 25, 2011

Love him or hate him I'm not sure a sentence goes buy where the word Dubstep is uttered and Skrillex is not. Which is funny as We approach the sold out USC annual F reaknight show taking place just before Halloween (a yearly rave if youre not familiar) where just last fall Skrillex sat near the bottom of the bill, and here today he is playing the venue not 3 days before headlining his own huge tour.

Skrillex is an anomoly of many sorts. For starters he's only 23, he hails from a background of what many would consider "Screamo" (formerly the singer of From First to Last) and has already collaborated w/ Korn on not 1 but 2 genre bending tracks (hey I didn't say they were good, I just said the kid had a weird background)

Tonight at WaMu theater I don't think any of that maters to anyone though. In fact I'd go as far as to venuter the guess that 95% of the audience has no idea about any of this (aside from maybe the korn thing) As our eyes pan the room they're caught by many people dressed in all sorts of animal costumes, wings, over the top makeup, lack of clothing on both boys and girls, and the fact that the median age here is probable 20 (many kids looking 16 and younger, travel in packs in the back of the theater, seemingly oblivious to what's happening on stage, more captivated by the social aspects in front of them. Which brings us to our next fact, everyone is f-cked up. I've never seen a line 3 times as long for the drinking fountain than for the bathroom (those of you unfamiliar with why this might be should try googling Ecstacy)

Beyond the cultural enigma around me the show it'self was actually pretty cool. Skrillex sits atop a giant podium doing....well I'm not really sure, but it certainly isnt mixing. He is however connected to a character on screen behind him by motion sensors, and the giant...alien..thing, mimics his every move, which truly was unlike anything i'd seen thus far electronic and otherwise. And with all of Sonny's (his real name) flailing onstage it made for quite the spectacle. Musically it was an hour and a half of whale meets toilet flush sounds that either you like or you don't. I'm not about to sell you on dubstep just because you read the last 2 paragraphs, truthfully I think the majority of it sucks. But if anyones gonna do it, at least this guy brings original sounds to an otherwise already stale pallet and he brings it hard.