Sleigh Bells and Refused at Showbox Sodo 08.25.12

August 28, 2012

Sleigh Bells exploded on the stage at Showbox Sodo in front of a packed house Tuesday night.  Strobes were poppin and fish nets were flying right off the bat and they never slowed down for the 14 song set.  Singer Alexis Krauss oozed with sex appeal and raw, uninhibited energy.  At on e point she started screaming in such a high pitch it sounded like a bomb was about to land on our heads as she jumped into the crowd. 

They tore down the stage and rebuilt it for the long awaited show by Swedish punk rockers Refused.  The first thing I noticed was the message "Free Pussy Riot" on the drum head.  Singer Dennis Lyxzen announced to the crowd that if Refused was sentenced to prison for two years every time they said something bad like Pussy Riot was they would be serving a 2 million year sentence. 

Later Dennis apologized that it took the band 20 years to make it to Seattle.  Judging from the intense frenzy the crowd was in from start to finish I would say the general consensus was that it was worth the wait.