Sleigh Bells at Showbox Market 10.12.13

October 13, 2013

Sleigh Bells!  They..well, they slayed it.  So sorry, couldn't help myself there.  They did though.  It was a phenomenal show.  I've seen Sleigh Bells live several times now and this was the best I had seen them by a long mile.  Intense is a word I'm guilty of over-using but I can't think of any other to describe this show.  I was ecstatic to see they added drummer to their live performance.  It's something that has been missing for too long in my opinion considering how prominent the drums are in their music.  Chris Maggio was the man beating on the sticks.  One of their crew told me this Seattle show represented just the 4th time they had been accompanied by a drummer on stage.  Well done Sleigh Bells...well done.

Alexis Krauss, one of the sexiest women in rock and roll walked out and went from 0 to 10000 in the blink of an eye and never slowed down.  She is so fun to watch.  Like a super hot Tazmanian Devil tornado she absolutely dominates the stage.  Her hands were all over the crowd, her body never stopped bouncing and her vocals were on fire.  I have no idea how she can scream like that and maintain her vocal strength night after night.

Derek E. Miller and Ryan Primack were also incredible on stage.  This was a very entertaining, solid performance.  They are already a very popular band but I expect this new album and tour are going to drive them to new heights and it's well deserved in my opinion.

The new Sleigh Bells album 'Bitter Rivals' was released on October 8.  You can listen to it here:  Bitter Rivals Streaming and you can buy it:  here

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