Smashing Pumpkins at Comcast Arena in Everett 10.10.12

October 10, 2012

Billy Corgan brought the Smashing Pumpkins to Comcast Arena on Wednesday night.  A massive orb created by the designer of the set for the Roger Waters “The Wall” tour-Sean Evans helped set the mood for the first half of the show that featured Smashing Pumpkins performing their entir e album Oceania.  As a photographer I am of course drawn to visual stimulation first and foremost.  Once I took in the scene and snapped some photos I found myself absolutely mesmerized by the music.  I felt like I was being lifted up and dropped back down again and again.  The p sychedelic visuals moving across the ball with the rhythmic sound and beautiful tone of the album had me feeling hypnotized.  At one point in time I looked back at the crowd thinking there was the typical Seattle “too cool to rock” vibe happening when I realized that they were swaying to the music.  It was really something.  There was definitely a Pink Floyd/Explosions in the Sky vibe to the first half of the show and I liked it. 

Billy announced before performing the title track to their new album that “Part A of my life is part B of the show, Part B of my life is part A of the show….a contradiction.”  When the album Oceania was complete they busted out the classic Smashing Pumpkins hits that fans around the world know and love.  The “feel” of the crowd changed in a very tangible way.  Gone were the head swaying peace and love type moves and in came the head banging.  I had never seen the Smashing Pumpkins live before.  I didn’t quite fully comprehend or appreciate the diversity that Billy Corgan has in his voice and his seemingly effortless guitar skills.  This was one of the best shows I have seen in a long time and I have every intention of buying the Oceania CD as soon as possible.