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So, You're In Seattle... Arcade Gamer, Jason Lundgren

He's going for that perfect Pac-Man score!

April 19, 2016

As a kid who grew up in the 80’s, there’s a pretty big spot in my heart for the cabinet-style arcade games that we pumped pockets full of quarters into with each visit to an arcade, pizza place, or movie theater. Galaga is my all-time favorite, but King of the Monsters for the NEO GEO is right there.

Stupid Greg Beetham - the other Greg from middle school - his family had like five arcade cabinets IN THEIR HOME!...

Occasionally, we’ll roll across one of these old school gaming machines - oh man, let’s find Mortal Kombat - and it’s a great chance to step back in time, but for Jason Lundgren, he’s making a point to be the best!

Jason first caught my attention on a report by KING 5 about a Mukilteo man that sought to hunt down the world record in an arcade-style, cabinet video gaming feat playing Final Fight. Having only just become interested in the world of cabinet high-scoring, Jason’s already expanded his sights to Pac-Man.

A quick backstory: Pac-Man features a finite number of levels and a maximum score. If you defeat level 255 and accumulate 3,333,360, you’ve beaten Pac-Man.

Billy Mitchell became the first human to score the first perfect Pac-Man back in 1999 taking just under six hours. That time has since been bested, but he is still recognized for being el1te. All of these scores are set using one single germ covered quarter per game…

My new pal Jason has his work cut out for him. I caught up with him at Another Castle Arcade in Lynnwood where he’s working on adding his name to that list.

Jason credits his Asperger’s Syndrome as giving him another level of ability to focus on the game and dedicated that day's efforts to everyone with autism leading up to World Autism Awareness Day. He told me all about it when we sat down to chat. Listen below:

070 - Jason Lundgren

Monday, April 18th

Jason Lundgren lives a portion of his life pumping quarters into a cabinet game we all know as bit of classic Americana: Pac-Man. In a quest to reach level 255 and maximum points totalling over 3 million, Jason hopes to give the world record holders a run for their money, but first he's gotta train. 

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He's Jason monger and and he is next and now from the legendary studio read so you are NCAA. At all whizzed grew error. This summit of the opportunity to leave the station to talk to someone in person which is Superfund is name's Jason London or in any of them Michael Steele man. Going to set a world record he's trying to get the maximum storm three million. I think something's he'll tell us about it here in the game. Arcade cabinet games you want the record trying to get up there and get that back from. Story holds the record and another castle drive out of a little bit the strategy even further. It's request that he hasn't been really can't for the league team here next. I am Jason longer come from local TO Washington. And I'm taking a record for Pacman. Which is the record of 3000333. And 360 points that's a and I that you don't specifically that colossal Megyn. We'll do this is it's exciting I've never been to bomb another console video games here in Lynnwood Washington before it was super fun to come appearance he had different neighborhoods and I'm not used to and that's apostle. Picks for inviting me out to coming out today on a problem great gore. Some it should be really exciting we're sitting here in front of your if sort of your machine you re playing onstage target the over the 3.3. Something both in market. If they are try a it's an AMOCO. Three game console looks good how would you describe this to me this is like this console right there is arcade cabinet as a multiple game. Cabinet like it features ms. Pacman was at the seat of the pac man and Alec. And all three phone app so it's basically the 25 anniversary issue. Now you'll be playing just regular old packet today the right. Yes skeptical about miss Pacman not knock out an honest Pacman what's the difference between Pacman in this pac and I and I'm not much difference except like I guess we'll miss Pacman. Means as a rule that Carter and of course yet packets basically packed with a blow that with the heat and paired up such a subtle like artistic differences that may be harder mazes that kid at school of OK so you're here to do this game but I just wanna get a little. Background on you at first I wanna know specifically. Are you. Are you an arc vintage arcade game or are UA console gamer view what's your kind of your preference in your specialty. Wash flail like down since last November became like a vintage arcade player and my first game I start out through endless final fight. My notice isles had the record polite which I thought was the world records while looked at the page of called marquee dot com death a guy named foreign Chilo from Brookfield Illinois has the record of over. Close to three million points mine's mine's over two million. To talk about a long time playing sick you just started back in November like six months ago and and yes not even six months ago but Casey you started not even six months ago when you're already fighting for world records yes as a fact I have like that two world records the one from art. And the other for turtles in time. So you're you're pretty much sold. Would call this machine what it would have machine as it the arcade cabinet which hasn't it that's that you're secure mainly cabin gamer. Yes OK now and maybe some reference to the things like console gaming I asked Theriot during a console game at a try in that light and with console and it uses it's it's not from me at a I Disco for the more arcade. Types of games or lights worked gains when comes to console games like football pro wrestling and a what's right like tomorrow and violate a mobile the show like now on PS3. Well okay. I'm on the PS or but at a pedestrians it's a place like the race and dvds dope testers that's less hustle and upgraded to PS from a friends or mad at me goats I have an idea to take a lot of play. But fealty disagrees with that sentiment she figured she wants me to stay off of but. Our while wall like I say I don't blame the wife of the same time it's like finally got to upgrade got a very competitive but absolutely a case. Way to find out that it was just November that you found this fascination how did you get turned onto it. I've turned onto it though lie down. We'll also 1000 with a replay cafe with it open like doubt last September or Mayan. But got a owned life replay camping at the time by Craig quietly. Asked me if I can like. Come to his place to steal light demo arcade games like they are taking as a briefcase and wanna come. And then like a few days after that though blistering like my lunch break or it's a plan and it's checked out like his replay cafe place. House really amazed by house plan like ms. Pacman house playing like defender. Procter. A lot lot of pain involved in two like deference and those plane independence game. That's a great pinball game under Clinton. It's it's based on the movies of it's like it's that but with pinball all of drastic park to promote him so I think that template and years and I think lately I've been playing that since since pinball game though on the came out in 1980 epic it was during their first second season was basically the parts in jail uncle yeah rev it back before the other characters were developed yeah. That's cool so rockets are more arcade guy it sounds like if you're new to the competitive world with it let's did you start playing and immediately know you had a skill for letter to you after practice to get there. After it's a mixture ball flight at a at a practice will look more at the same time like them when they arcade games periphery. And an answering games thinking can you keep do you want playing now like final fight that I could hear a complaint filed by up until the very end. Until I looked at the source is like two million stump in no way one now. Sometimes those mean paying attention this causes an intentional bowl game at first because. They're restraint vintage arcade games and console gaming console games more about the continuity in the how long finish the game as those arcades repute to school for the high score yeah I as well the latter's go for the high score because. Number one like a style that I spend hours and hours fight on console him that way too much. You know things to do. It's actually for eight games Ottawa I don't spend too much time on one thing. What are the questions that came up with beforehand as you remember the first time you played pac man and I mean I would guess so is it seems like it was pretty recently. A little when you're catered to just I really packed as the tip it's only it's mostly just been going around low because I played them any like I said. I was warning me to use those during the height of pac man's behalf by play Pacman game at first until you know Nintendo back in the early eighties. And then an early play pac bell much until light natco had at least in their point light that are Prius it's of arcade games for like PS. PS2. That's not really be and we plan a lot of pac man of mine. Then really young niece on them and she's fifteen now published back into my fighters sixers he loved that game. If you look at natural connect gift for it like it sounds like I wouldn't be close to the world you know for the world record just my first few tries. What is your practice routine like to trade policy ought to get to that next level. Just like now I have going to work bill before writes on my ship that would restrict some energy drains underneath the fight. And before that I was going to YouTube and like that at the plate nuisance to a third of the strategy. The walls of the game as likeness improve on it not this copy at that this might improve on what I'm doing now while I'm doing wrong I want to write but I can enhance it. Two of the people get frustrated ever because. You instantly got some good added that wish that could be as good as you hi I got a few people who don't like that's special FaceBook fan I've it's so good. For like few months. Yet as I act on it just happens. Since you fifth man and a well okay so what makes you certificate what is it what advantage do you that someone else might not what you think that is. I guess like from my focus is like dom like gum while I was interviewed by Eric well smoking five at home that I have Asperger's syndrome that's while Iowa might. Gifts though because like them and only enhances meet delight. Played better at the game because it's one I think one most look toward people who have Asperger's syndrome like I do we have we pay most attention to eat now. We know it with time. It is like what score. Is focused on the apple also focusing ordeal for Blake now playing games oh like. And parents ourselves like today it killed for the wrong thing to sit back and hit so it's a move its it's it's a gift for you that Asperger's is sort of is. Makes you able to play these games and super well library every lie. Spain has its like purses enhances like constraints and that one like you just mentioned right there is strain yeah that's that's incredible and that you're that you found something to be able to. You just first hold a skill and I think that's fascinating yes. On based so I guess it sort of audiences for me there's other games that you're this could have what's your favorite team had a all of these and if you can pick just one or maybe a few got its target are to pick a favorite though. A profile fights my first battalion my fair game actually played out the theory game actually played those likeable I've played a couple of months Google called Cain turtles troublesome time okay. One brings you back my childhood because I'm never allows account huge totals man catcher teenage mutant ninja turtles DEA's mutant ninja turtles. At the basic is that show. Turtle power and held a good job. So. Turtles in time loser is kind of your favorite gym right now yes and then you just click Pacman just because you're good at it because you like what's the combination plus there. Pacman like the most iconic arcade game effort happy dance because. A lot of people like I now a lot of people alike. More people and others think like them. They're trying to attempt to go for the world record like a Billy Mitchell whale known him from Micah leaking economy's you go to Q is a Pacman champion to allow. From like that 99. Because like in July 3 rain night he reached the perfect Pacman score. I checked out like honking of client ticked down YouTube to answer back that like I said them it seems like you know very. No comment collected you know very very you know. Articulate it but in the movie liking of Carlos date I mean not to be a villain. And that's because he went light face steep we'd be like them which is the guy from red in the got to have that Donkey Kong record for one alpha. You're considered competing in one of these tournaments. I think Somalia last month like them and storing around what couple months in June and I'm going to be at the northwest arcade pinball festival. Tacoma cools you pretty good and bolt who has not just arcade games I've tried not tried to Limbaugh at first that involves not let my game you have to get light. All sorts of light points to get the world record elsewhere that's a little too much from me and at the I tried it I liked it but I'm just not a competitive player but he still better than most that it I would say better than most. My body just nodded yes and I said Beth Daniel literate but he has yet to improve my friend right there is like pretty humble self hate that it genuine Tucker quick. Dana what do you think of his pinball playing skills is Dana Martinez France to Jason. I think he does pretty. And I'm right I place a pinball machines myself I actually played on town held back at the Marysville mall they used to have Star Wars a pinball machine game now is really get a that sounds incredible of a new word Star Wars pants so I could see that you probably Divx and I'll I'll Iran. Men and get a regular Kyle already have and all over here at the it's so. Tulsa in the scored that you're trying to beat. While it's also much trying to beat those letters and frank at the highest score possible it's the high school possibly get is 330. 303000333390. Right points short hops out there's a maximum score that you can get in pac man. Yes but this you can actually beating you just trying to get there so is it then a time issue that you have to tried to have faster than the next person following state. To me like I'm necessarily matter as long as likened reached that plateau I could be lie down. I think of our reach back to be like the tenth guy delight actually do that pieces it's. Very very very rare that people in a perfect place for pac man. Yeah okay. So if I mean if I made on there'll probably on the top ten list it's incredible that shall be in the first in line Mike to be you know the book into it. Pelham how close are you have done it before. I played Pacman before like couple weeks ago like at this very same place though bike at the store record though so that you've ever gotten to the perfect score yet. Now it's at that's the quest right now is to get there yes are you close. Law and start playing yet but they're not exhibited general in the store record high. Most of the his report I Purcell who's obviously my best out. But no like a second team playing out of you know why is trying to viewpoint is airing at the store record. Yes I continued on bank denies playing more quarters and more horrors and how does that work is that do you could keep going batting orders keep going asylum levels like X tickets through a round of the pack and we are doing this all around Pacman is like now that a few quarters in this game is like point five cents those who want displayed as one life yes. Since I'm not really that much for an expert on on video games just candidates go for more quarters so I can continue to play that same Ryan yeah. So what do you mean like if you get more quarters to be key constraint on what you're Galen. And keep you know and it. I could be like now one of the best players out there. Well but the guys that are sitting perfect horses' names you mentioned are they doing it on a single quarter. I think Billy Mitchell there on a single Corey toys claims that he had the perfect pac man's war that's pretty easy I don't. But how many quarters EU out put an end to get it to get there when you do. I'll probably it primal like and guys like just recently it has been 25 dollars worth of quarters like a NN machine so I can. Secure the jobs take care of your pac man. Under a racquet packed in another part time at the least during Safeway as Marie sykora and as. Custodians and that's cool manner and and so how long does it take to get to that perfect score what's the like it's it was gonna do it alone you think it would take. Fortified hours only got that so many so you really have to dead you have to peak. I do is go for like on the more on unlimited though like I sent to find the perfect time please feel that like as that I had so much do light was her work and help out my parents and all that in light like I said so much time. That there's so much time things due to a guy you visit oh GAAP. What do you enjoy besides playing. Cabinet games like this that with two would your urine the Seahawks sure right now so I'm guessing that that Jersey probably means here spend some time on Sundays during the fall of all yes definitely have to do that some solid forty years old it's old school near Washington Gary you've been here for your whole life my whole life yes so cool man. Just what are what are your hobbies though it is that playing video games what you do before you found arcade cabinets lied it's in light karaoke air read books or watch movies I am which they're movies these days with I wanted to see it. If I want to go watch a movie right now there's this like movie called bad man decent manic you know actually fifth in receiving yet on love that movie cool. My friend my friend was real down on it so I'm I'm always curious to see the different takes on it so what Amy Downey's native batters got negative about our. Okay. Part because Ben Affleck is pain plain bad habit. Well books you enjoyed your read comic books to him I pre graphic novels and comic books do but most and why read those like biographies and like history is something includes. I'm also like for wrestling fans. Technology books on for arrest them like began to brands and office. Definitely yes yes yes this the Obama that it retirement account is especially issues but I I guess I'm glad that light dale Bryant is retiring because I don't want delight. Really get her to the point like you know he'll wrestler a Darren draws off. I'm not familiar enough and all use on that flight biography an umpire free of documentary called be on the Mac guy and you sir those careers went on the guys from like the road warriors and then like he had his own there are evidence for the battery he was paralyzed. Well there were about the same age you Jason so I think back to when I was decade. I'm are watching lion Brian one of the wc W guys. Nice Tillman does this have passed ways unfortunately but that was back in the old school days of the guy weren't kind of although tiger stripes today than ever and having the law. Teased out hair and a replica different era back in the day I got that like curly blond for early yet on super termed out parents that I have a watch much wrestle exit at back when sting was in wc W immediately available on here had no answer so it'll look on behalf. Looks cool man I hope that your get to be able to improve your own scores at the store record here. And I just wonder what your parents think about well listen this opportunists. Ali do kind of supportive of the same time that normally have like a big thick headed up things. At times like I can be ruled a cocky but the saint nice guy maintained B level headed. Because there's a lot of more people are like dead trying to some that's great and wanna be that bad it's like. Wasting people's time and for ones are actually doing important things well. Now tell me we're recording this on April Fool's Day happy April fools that. Tell me about tomorrow April 2 what's the significance of why you're doing this today in honor of tomorrow. In our tomorrow is tomorrow is LaMont is a Taurus name night design when my friends from FaceBook. As a child who has some high functioning autism and its plan this. Playing a game mostly for light her and her son CJ ankle and then well I didn't a spurs a Q were saying is. In that same world right. High functioning autism yes okay so it's if both celebrate yourself and your accomplishments and helps give other people kind of to go into. To summon the look up to and someone is saying you know what this guy can do it I can do details I'm as soon as you give back to the community and the people that can look up to you for having an achievement like this Ivins Ivins had a lot people up to me of those thought Alec a lot of flick ever since my whole life from parents on king five. Months ago I about a lot of friend requests school. Can people go and request you on FaceBook is that okay cool with a oh yes I hear yeah this is just as long as that's outstanding and actually I'm fine with it we could pull your escapades in the world of arcade cabinet gaming specifically today with pac man by finding it is Lundgren. On FaceBook that's great man yes wolf thanks for lying and now with me and talking to me today I was more of my red raiders that's. Listening to so eerie this year old with a great error. Follow him on Twitter and Gregor 1077. And find more episodes online at 1077. The end. So you're in Seattle to San Marino much production yeah. Yeah yeah don't honor.

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