So, You're In Seattle... Keegan Hall

by Alyssa

So, You're In Seattle... Keegan Hall

Pencil Artist Keegan Hall Is PNW Art

December 13, 2016

Dressed in the clothes I'd expect a long-time Sonics fan to sport when rolling into the studio, Keegan Hall is deep Seattle. While many of us are imports, in my case bouncing around the country playing radio, Keegan reps a childhood in the shadow of Mt Rainier. He's a Seattle artist making art in Seattle, for Seattle.

Listen to Keegan Hall's stories about making pencil art for Kam Chancellor, the Obamas, and more!

Keegan's primary medium for making art: pencil on paper, white paper. He's been able to work with Kam Chancellor, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, most recently on a poster for the MLS Cup!

His story of drawing a custom piece for the governor to give to the President of the USA is a great one

It humbles me and blows my mind that all of the money he makes from his work with the Seahawks and other local celebs goes to charity. These pieces take 40, 50, 80 hours per subject. His connection to this community like those of a tree's roots to the earth, Keegan is the type of good dude we need to keep around in a time when our region is changing rapidly. 

Enjoy our conversation, I had a blast sitting with him and hearing his stories.

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