The Sonics with Mudhoney and The Intelligence at the Moore 04.02.15

April 4, 2015

Thursday night in Seattle the Moore Theatre was the place to be. Seattle lo fi post-punk band 'The Intelligence' started the night with a great set that got the crowd warmed up just right.

2nd on the ticket was Mudhoney. They blew my mind with a very energetic performance that had the seated crowd sporadically jumping into the air from their seats pumping fists in the air and singing along to every song. "We're getting old too" said Mark Arm referring to the crowd staying seated. He said that drummer Dan Peters was the lucky one since he got to sit down for the show. Dan graciously shared his stool with Mark for a moment but it was quickly returned. Dan looked anything but relaxed as he was an animal on the drums. I really enjoyed their show. This was the first time I had seen Mudhoney perform. I've been hearing about how great they are live for y ears from a very diverse mix of music lovers but like most things in life, you need to see it/hear it to believe it. Now I get it.

Once The Sonics hit the stage the crowd couldn't take it any more. The anticipation had built to an almost unmanageable level. They jumped to their feet and crowded the stage as much as they could around the fixed seats. It was already packed where I was with about 100,000 photographers approved to cover the show so once the crowd rushed, I snapped a couple of pics and headed up to the balcony for the 3rd song. There was a tangible feeling of love and pride for The Sonics. Random people were walking up to me in between sets to share stories about learning guitar to Sonics songs, memories of epic concert moments and more. The band did not disappoint, they featured 9 songs from their new album "This is the Sonics". It was a great night of music that seemed to remind a lot of people of just how great the Pacific Northwest music scene has been and continues to be.

Mat Hayward
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