St. Vincent @ the Moore Theater 03.26.14

March 27, 2014

The Moore Theater installed beautiful, brand new seats on the floor but not one of them was used Wednesday night during the St. Vincent stop in Seattle. 

This show was an otherworldly experience.  I’ve been listening to the new self-titled St. Vincent album pretty much nonstop for the last month or so and every time I listen to it I pick up something new and love it even more.  As a result, I couldn't wait for her Seattle show date to arrive.  Myself and about a dozen other photographers were jammed into a two foot wide photo pit in front of the stage just inches away from fans that were practically frothing at the mouth in anticipation of the show to begin. 

The lights came on and Annie Clark was standing center stage with wide eyes so intense they seemed capable of burning through my soul.  The range of her voice is so dynamic I truly could not believe my ears.  Her mannerisms were quirky and weird in the greatest way possible with robotic movements and stutter steps paired with lightning fast strobes made for a surreal visual experience.

Then a guitar was placed around her neck.  Holy ST can that woman play guitar!  Just a couple of nights ago I photographed ZZ Top on the same stage and so I thought I had seen some bad ass guitar riffs up close and personal but wow was I not prepared for that level of intensity.  It was something you truly have to experience personally to appreciate. 

Two items of note that we learned about Annie Clark Wednesday night that I found interesting.  1.) Her favorite word is “molecular” and 2.) her nickname (and apparently everyone in the audience) in 1997 was “orgy.”  Even without the molecular orgy this was one of the best shows I’ve seen. 

Enough with the words…check out the pics!

Mat Hayward
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