Artist Home launches monthly Record Club

June 8, 2017



Let's face it, in the world of streaming services and iTunes, CDs are pretty much dead. But even in this increasingly digital world there is still something to be said for having that physical copy of something.
For me there really isn't anything better than grabbing that vinyl and dropping the needle. Historically, the way I would get my hands on a vinyl record was by hitting the local record store (shoutout to Bargain Records in Everett) or by attending a local show and swinging by the merch table. That's about to change with the Artist Home Record Club.

There aren't many out there who have done more for emerging artists in the PNW than the folks at Seattle based Artist Home Booking. If you aren't familiar, these are the people behind the Timber! Outdoor, Timbrrr! Winter, and Doe Bay Music Festivals. You can look at past festival lineups and see that the brains at Artist Home have great taste.
“We’ve built a real connection to music lovers over the years and have always been a place for new artist to find new listeners. We’re excited to take the next step in connecting fans with incredible artists in a meaningful way. We want to help people fall in love with great music – there’s no better way to do that than by getting a record and diving in.” - Kevin Sur, Artist Home Founder.
For a $23-$28 monthly subscription you will receive a new record each month from an independent artist curated by a group that knows good stuff when they hear it. Cruise over to for more info. 

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