Locals Only: Best new tracks

May 31, 2019

It's been a little while since we did a roundup of all the great new Locals Only music release recently but there is plenty. Let’s dive into some of the new stuff out of the greater Seattle area.


Sarah Feinberg who you might know from local bands Tellers and I Will Keep Your Ghost has just released the first track from her new project Sylvi. Feinberg went into the studio with local legend Karl Blau who produced the album and the first glimpse of the finished product is pretty much amazing. Hear the single Prefixed Image. 

Chong The Nomad

Last year Chong The Nomad quickly blew up all over the PNW and just weeks ago had the chance to open for Death Cab For Cutie and Odesza. Things are obviously going well. Now Chong has made another big business move teaming up with Flint Eastwood on their new track “Nothing Else” which you can hear below.

Ben Zaidi

I have quickly become a massive Ben Zaidi fan. I was first drawn to his recent work on the new Sol album, then he recently released his perfect single “Shambles.” Today we get the new music video for his next single “When I Was Alone” from the album Abandonism due out next week. I am officially hear from every single thing Ben Zaidi does from here on out.

Jenn Champion

This certainly isn’t a new track but Jenn Champion put out one of my favorite albums last year and this song was a big part of me feeling that way. Now we get the music video for “Going Nowhere”.