Best new music: Locals Only

August 25, 2019

Great Grandpa

It's been a little while since we pulled together a collection of all the best new Locals Only tracks but the last couple of weeks have been so great for local tunes we really need to talk about it and settle in with all the goodness.

Great Grandpa - Mono no Aware

Great Grandpa just announced their sophmore album Four Of Arrows which you will be able to get on October 25th via Double Double Whammy. Hear the very beautiful first single from the album below:

Jenn Champion - Turn Up The Radio

The press release I got just a few days ago started "Jenn Champion has set out to conquer summer with her synthy new single 'Turn Up The Radio'" and rather than turn my car on and start driving I just sat there and listened to it. THREE TIMES. Then I listened to it several more times as I danced in the car all the way to work. See for yourself.

To much excitement Meagan Grandall stepped forward a couple of weeks ago to announce the coming of a new Lemolo album called Swansea. The announcement came with the new single "High Tide." Swansea will be available October 11th.

Antonioni - Stutter Step (video)

Alright, so this isn't really new. The song came out earlier this year on the most recent release from Seattle band Antonioni. I had to find some time to talk about the video though because something about it feels so much like the way we like to remember Seattle. I'm actually not really sure what that means, but maybe you'll watch it and know what I mean.