Best New Music: Locals Only

June 29, 2018

Photo by Ian Allen

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It has been a crazy last couple of weeks for great new releases from some Locals Only staples. These aren't even all of the new songs that have come out of the Seattle area lately but they are a few of my favorites. So if you want a preview of what Locals Only is going to sound like this on Sunday night.


The announcement came this week that local band Versing have signed with the Seattle record label Hardly Art. They join other local favorites like Chastity Belt, The Moondoggies, Tacocat, Dude York and many more. So they are in pretty great company. The announcement also came with a new song "Silver Dollar".

Whitney Ballen

This feels like a long time coming. Whitney Ballen is going to be releasing her debut album You're A Shooting Star, I'm A Sinking Ship through Father/Daughter and Substitute Scene Records. While the album isn't out till August 24th, we've been given a glimpse of things to come with the lead single "Go".

Tomo Nakayama

Tomo Nakayama just gave us one of the best and most important songs I think we are going to hear this year. Not just local. Anywhere. All sales of "Keep On Movin" go to the ACLU. 

"Every child needs a family to love 'em 
Every one needs a place to call home and 
It's hard to believe it 
Some folks just don't believe it"

Jenn Champion

The new tracks from Jenn Champion keep coming and now with "Coming For You" she makes it 3-3. That's a sports reference about how Jenn Champion can't miss with these new songs. Not only is the song great, but the video is rad. My only issue with the music video is that I'm not in it. That's how great it is. Now I just can't wait for the rest of this album to drop.

Say Hi

I'm pretty glad that "the end" of Say Hi was not as advertised. Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing but love for Eric Elbogen's Werewolf Diskdrive project that came after he retired Say Hi, but I just really love Say Hi. Well, now Elbogen is back with some great news and a new Say Hi track. The new album, Caterpillar Centipede, will be out on September 7th, but you can hear the first single "Every Gauge Is On Empty" now. 


I was surprised when I got up today and found a new song from Seattle band Motopony. New Motopony does not sound like old Motopony and I am completely fine with that. The song is called "A Little Death" and it has got me very excited to see what else Daniel Blue and company have in store. 

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