The best new songs from Seattle artists

November 3, 2017

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Over the last week or so we have gotten a lot of great new music from a bunch of our favorite Locals Only artists. So, to get ready for the weekend, here are some of the best new tracks from the local music community.

Smokey Brights
I've got to start with our Locals Only Artist of the Month for November. Smokey Bright released one of my favorite albums in 2016 with Hot Candy, so it's very exciting to have new music from them. "Come To Terms" is the first single from thefour-trackk EP of the same name that will be released in January 2018. There will be a release show in Seattle on Jan. 20. More details on that soon.

I have to give a big congratulations to Seattle rock band Thunderpussy. The news came down yesterday that they just signed a multi-album deal with Stardog/Republic Records (part of Universal). That is monster news and very well deserved. That announcement also came with a new single called "Speed Queen." Check it out.

The Grizzled Mighty
Tonight (Friday) is going to be one of the best local shows of the whole year and a great opportunity for you to get the new album Crooked Little Finger from The Grizzled Mighty when they play Neumos with a completely loaded bill of Locals Only favorites including Motopony, Duke Evers, and Honcho Poncho. You can't miss on this one. 

It has been a long time coming, but it seems like the Ruler album is finally on the way. That's not criticism. I just really want there to be a Ruler album out there in the world for all to enjoy. Well, with the release of his fantastic new single "Complicated Mind" I think Matt Batey is ready to hit the "GO" button. Seriously, this song is amazing. Just listen. 

Manatee Commune
Sure, Manatee Commune recently moved to Detroit, but I ain't mad at him. Got nothin' but love for him. He is certainly doing his thing on this new track "Like Me" featuring Siena Liggins . Big surprise, it's a total heater and I'm having a summertime dance party in November.

Werewolf Diskdrive
We have to talk about this Werewolf Diskdrive thing. This is the new project from Eric Elbogen of Say Hi. It's totally weird, totally amazing, and I can't stop listening to it. The news about Eric ending Say Hi was a real bummer for me, but this Werewolf Diskdrive release is making me feel a little bit better about it. 

Stubborn Son
The dudes from Stubborn Son were on Locals Only Sunday night playing some of their new songs live and it sounded really great. There new EP Fortunes is out now and you should go get it. You can catch Stubborn Son tonight (Friday) at the Highdive for the Fortunes release show. 

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