Beverly Crusher premiers new single "Gimme The Power"

July 6, 2018


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Just when I think I know something about the Seattle music community, here comes a very good, very fun rock band that I hadn't previously been aware of. 

Meet my new favorite band, Beverly Crusher. 

Here's what happened... Kevin Sur of the Timber! Outdoor Music Fest came by Locals Only a couple of Sundays ago and we were playing bands from the 2018 lineup. Then someone listening sent a text to the station that simply said "Play Beverly Crusher. They RIP!"

So I read the text to Kevin and his eye lit up as he said "YES! They do rip" and so I played one of their songs on the show. I have been obsessed ever since. The more I listened to their 2016 Pills Pills Pills EP the more I can't wait to see them at Timber! Fest (July 13-14). 

In reaching out to learn more about the band, singer Cozell Wilson and I caught up and he shared some great stuff with me, including that they were about to release a new single. We had probably better premier that single here.

Gimme The Power

Gimme The Power is a straightforward rock anthem that you will want to scream along to while it propels you through the challenge of the day. Lets learn more about it.

Steven Graham: Tell me about Beverly Crusher.

Cozell Wilson: Beverly Crusher is a band that just wants to go,go,go. We play what feels good and try to be fun. You are not going to fall asleep listening to any of our tracks.

SG: That's the truth.

SG: Is there anything people should know about your new single?

CW: I really wanted to write a song that was a throw back to the movie Childs Play 1, because that messed me up as a kid. I also had a friend who passed shortly after my own personal health scare that she helped me recover from. I thought it would be cool to tie them both together and sort of call on her to Gimmie the Power or any cool stuff that might be going on on the other side of death. The lyrics are very simple though so find what gives you power, harness it, and rock n roll.

SG: What local bands do you get excited about seeing around town or playing shows with?

CW: I work at Chop Suey so I get to see a lot of really cool shows and I am stoked to be a part of a music community that is always down to do cool things with us such as Sebastian Bach Party July 21st at Chop Suey. Right now I am really digging Dusty, Sea Moss (pdx), Medium Weekend, Matriarch, Bear Axe, Bay Witch, Monster Watch, and Actionesse. These are not only bands that we have played with, but also bands that contribute to the music community and are fun to be around when the music stops.

SG: Is there anything you are doing to prepare for your Timber! performance?

CW: Definitely practice! We were on the road last month and our tents blew of the roof of the car so we just got new fancy tents as well. Our band group chat is us making sure our merch game is very strong and talking about what kinds of food we are gonna make. Our guitars are going in for set ups so we can deliver the best Beverly Crusher we can. That and figuring out how we can best interact with the audience make them feel completely rocked at 2pm. We have some good ideas.

I personally can't wait to see how these guys rock that 2pm crowd. 

You can see Beverly Crusher at the Timber! Outdoor Music Fest July 13-14 and you can get "Gimme The Power" on a limited run of their Pills Pills Pills EP that will be out in late August or buy it on now.

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