BRUCE premiers new music video and single "I Come Around"

July 20, 2018

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A while back I had Matt Batey of Seattle band Ruler on Locals Only talking about his fantastic new album Winning Star Champion. Like the total sweetheart Matt is, he took some of that time to talk about his love of a newer Seattle band called BRUCE. I had never heard of BRUCE before but when Matt played their music for me I was instantly hooked. It just sounded like something I needed on my "Summertime Sing-A-Long While Nobody Else Is Around To Make Fun of My Singing" playlist. In short, you can expect to hear lots from BRUCE on Locals Only in the future.

Now that BRUCE is ready to share their music I thought it would be a good time to get acquainted with the band and premier their very fun new music video and song “I Come Around.”

BRUCE is a two piece alternative rock band from Seattle (four piece live show) comprised of Dan Fromhart and Logan Petitto. They have been writing together for just over a year and not only do they have the praise of Matt Batey but he can be seen skateboarding in full pads in their music video and is going to be playing bass in the BRUCE live show. You might also recognize Jay Clancy of local band Sloucher in the video as well.

I recently caught up with Dan from BRUCE to ask a few questions.

Steven Graham: What should people know about BRUCE?

Dan Fromhart: BRUCE is releasing three more singles this summer and recording a full length debut album this winter.

SG: Do you worry that people might have a hard time finding your band when they search "BRUCE"?

DF: I imagine Bruce Springsteen in a castle somewhere, eating figs and chuckling about how great his search-engine optimization is. Yeah, we think about it a lot -- but he IS the boss. 

SG: Who are some of your favorite local artists to go out and see around town or book shows with?

DF: Ruler, Sloucher, Cataldo, and Cumulus. They're also incredibly nice and good people, which makes supporting them even sweeter.

SG: How did you convince Matt Batey to skateboard in your new music video or was that his idea?

DF: Matt is actually teaching himself to skateboard right now. Every day after work he can be found in full pads filming himself, then studying the film afterwards. He was pretty much game the second we called him -- he inspired us. 

SG: Favorite karaoke song for each band member?

DF: Logan - "She Hates Me" by Puddle of Mudd

Dan - "Famous" by Mason Ramsey

SG: Do you have anything coming up that you want people to know about?

DF: We're gonna have a show coming up with Ruler and a special guest at the Sunset on September 7th. We're super, super excited to play all of these songs live with our friends.

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