Chong The Nomad Collaborates With... An Airplane?

September 4, 2019

Chong The Nomad

If you want to know what the future of music production looks like, just look at Alda Agustiano, who you might know better as Chong The Nomad. I mean, who else looks at an airplane and says, "yeah, I could make a song out of that thing"?

But that's exactly what our Locals Only Artist of The Month, Chong The Nomad, just did in this new advertisement for Singapore Airlines and their new non-stop flights from Seattle to Singapore. Watch the video and have your mind blown:

As you can see from the video Chong The Nomad pulls every noise in the track from samples gathered in and around the Airbus A350. It's a clever way to market an airline, a genius way to make a song, and the finished product is pretty fantastic. Here the complete track below: 

Can't wait to see what Chong The Nomad has in store for us at Deck The Hall Ball!