Damien Jurado announced new album: The Horizon Just Laughed

March 7, 2018

Photo by Lindsey Barnes

There is a new Damien Jurado song here and more on the way soon. On Tuesday, Seattle artist (and my favorite songwriter) Damien Jurado announced the release of his new album The Horizon Just Laughed due out on Secretly Canadian May 4th. 

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This will be Jurado's 13th full-length album and also the first self-produced album he has ever released. 

The announcement came with a beautiful video for Jurado's new song (featuring fellow Seattle musician Lotte Kestner (Anna-Lynne Williams) as backup vocals) "Over Rainbows and Rainier," which you can see here: 

If you have ever seen Damien Jurado perform without a band then you know he doesn't need much. Just a guitar, that voice, and amazing storytelling like only he can deliver. "Over Rainbows and Rainier" is proof of that. 

Don't forget to grab tickets to see Damien Jurado at St. Mark's Cathedral on June 2nd where I'm sure you'll get to hear plenty of the new songs as well as some classic vintage Jurado. 

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