GO TO THIS SHOW: Cuff Lynx and Chong The Nomad duel EP release

February 23, 2018

Photo by Brian Oh

It wasn't long ago that I had Austin Santiago on Locals Only. One of the many cool things Austin does for a living is run Build Strong where he manages artists like Cuff Lynx and Chong The Nomad. I mention these two specifically because this Saturday night (2/24), both of them will be releasing their new EPs.

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I've been playing Cuff Lynx on Locals Only over the last few years and have been blown away by how great the new tracks are. They sound HUGE! Like something that should be used in the big fight sequence of a Matrix movie, HUGE. The new EP is called Land Speed Record and you can hear it right here: 

In the last few months I've been playing the single "You're Really Pretty" on the show and can't wait to start playing the new Love Memo EP. Check it out here:


If you didn't notice from the music above, the release party this Saturday is going to be an exercise in Locals Only dance party greatness when the Cuff Lynx and Chong The Nomad duel EP release party goes down at the Timbre Room. Especially considering they will be joined by Ca$h Bandicoot and Toya B. So stretch first and don't miss this show.

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