GO TO THIS SHOW: Ever So Android, Monsterwatch, Among Authors, FLRT

January 19, 2018

Photo by Steven Graham

It's going to be so loud. Oh my, is it going to be LOUD in there tonight (Friday) when four Locals Only bands take The Crocodile.

Ever So Android returns to Seattle for just the second time since they moved to Los Angeles last year (or was it longer? Time is a flat circle after all). On their way out the door, they released some great new songs and it will be really nice to hear those live again and see what they've been working on. 

Joining them are Monsterwatch, who I've only seen once, but not because I didn't love them. These guys are completely relentless when they play live and not only do I worry about the safety of my inner ears, but all of my internal organs. It's that rock you feel in parts of your body. It's RAD.

If you listened to the Best of 2017 Locals Only podcast that Branden and I put together then you know we love Among Authors. Haven't seen them live yet, so tonight is a great chance to correct that tragedy.

I wasn't familiar with FLRT until I saw their name on this lineup. I went searching for their music right away and can pretty much promise you they are going to be in the Locals Only rotation often moving forward. So get there early tonight and discover something new because this lineup is completely loaded and fantastic. But be warned, it is entirely possible the building may not be standing by the time this one is over.

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