GO TO THESE SHOWS: Locals Only picks for this weekend

August 24, 2018

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If you are looking for a great show around Seattle this weekend you have got some incredible options as some of our favorite Locals Only artists are about to take the stage. 

These are just a few shows you should try to catch this weekend:

Whitney Ballen (album release), Snuff Redux, Big Buddy @ The Sunset

The last few weeks it seems like everywhere you look a major outlet is talking about the new album You're A Shooting Star, I'm A Sinking Ship from Whitney Ballen. Also, many of my guests on Locals Only have been coming in and requesting we play one of her new songs on the show. When you listen to the new album it's really easy to understand why. The songwriting on this album is incredibly honest and vulnerable in a way that is going to connect with just about anybody who has ever been in a relationship. 

You can enjoy these new songs when Whitney Ballen celebrates the release of her new album tonight (Friday) at The Sunset with local bands Snuf Redux and Big Buddy.

Ever So Android, Among Authors, Dirty Dirty, Furit Juice @ The Crocodile

Our long lost friends Ever So Android are coming home for a big night at The Croc tonight (Friday) with local bands Among Authors, Dirty Dirty and Fruit Juice. Ever So Android moved down to Los Angeles a little while back which was a sad moment for Seattle, but tonight they are back playing in their hometown and releasing their new Castles EP. Head out early for the full lineup.You won't want to miss any of this show.

SISTERS, Chad Valley @ Chop Suey

The truth is I really don't feel great about instructing people to do something else while Locals Only is on the air, but Sunday night SISTERS will be at Chop Suey hosting their pal Chad Valley from the UK. SISTERS is that band who are somehow better and more fun everytime I see them and while Chad Valley isn't a local artist, it would be criminal not to mention them coming through town. So if you must miss hearing Locals Only on the radio this Sunday night, I'll give you a pass if you're at this show.

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