LISTEN TO THIS: "Easy Coming" by The Moondoggies

February 2, 2018

The best news came down earlier this week when Seattle label Hardly Art announced they will be releasing the new album from Everett band (look, I'm from Everett and so are they so I'm going to point it out every single time) The Moondoggies! 

Along with the announcement of the new Moondoggies album came a new Moondoggies track. Check "Easy Coming" below and get ready to hear plenty of this on Locals Only.

The new full length will be called A Love Sleeps Deep and is set to be released on April 13. To celebrate the release, The Moondoggies will be playing The Neptune Theatre in Seattle on 4/13 with local band Grand Hallway and Le Sang Song.

I caught up with Moondoggies frontman Kevin Murphy the other day who said of A Love Sleeps Deep "it's really good to be working with Erik Blood again and this album is more groove heavy than previous albums. We tried to have a good balance of music, singing and pointed lyrics... A very pointed album. We took our time."

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