LISTEN TO THIS: "Petrified" by Ruler

March 1, 2018

Photo by Lauren Max

I have to admit it when I'm wrong. Earlier this year Seattle band Ruler released a couple of fantastic new songs "Easy Life" and "Complicated Mind" that I thought were most certainly going to be on his new album later this year. Apparently, I was very wrong. I'm not complaining because it's all just more great music!

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The first single from the forthcoming album was recently premiered on (way to go Ruler!) as were more details about the album. 

"Petrified" is officially the first single from Ruler's debut album Winning Star Champion due out on Barsuk Records May 25th. Isn't Winning Star Champion just the greatest name for an album?

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Check out "Petrified" below and keep an eye out for the new album in a couple of months.

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