LISTEN TO THIS: Smokey Brights new Come To Terms EP

January 26, 2018

Late last year I got an email with the first single/title track to the new Come To Terms EP from Smokey Brights. Upon first listen, I was completely blown away. I mean, this was some next level, off the top rope stuff even for this band who seems to just keep getting better and better.

Last Saturday was the release party for the new EP at the Tractor Tavern. It was a wall to wall sellout show. One of those sold-out shows where you are only 17 feet from the bar or the bathroom but tell yourself trying to get there isn't worth it. One of those sold-out shows where you keep losing the people you came with even though you can see the entire room from where you stand. Only of those sold-out shows where the people along the wall have somehow gotten two feet higher than everyone else which doesn't make sense because you know in your heart that there isn't anything over there to stand on. That is the kind of sold-out show this was.

I am here to talk about the new EP, not the release show. However, before we move forward, I do need to say that the show was amazing and left me with one thought:


OK, now let's dig into this EP that was just officially released everywhere today on Freakout Records.

It's only four tracks. Four perfect tracks. They are so good that I'm actually mad there aren't more of them. That's the only bad thing I can say about it. But maybe that is also a good thing to say too?

"Blame It On Me" kind of has some vibes similar to an old Smokies track called "Catacombs," but in a more chill way. Not really more or less dark, just a different kind of dark.

The title track, "Come To Terms", makes me scream-a-long to it more than sing-a-long. Like, in a mad, in your face, "take that!" way. I'm not really sure why but it makes me feel good.

You roll out of a kind of gritty one in "Come To Terms" and right into a very groovy jam in "Love Like This". You will absolutely have the chorus stuck in your head and forever walk around just enjoying to yourself "A love like this is never quite enough!"

It's all capped off with a very timely call to arms to stand up for what you believe in and not be silent while injustices, political or social, happen around you. Because if you do stay silent, that silence is going to catch up to you one day. The song is called "The Other Way" and it's important. 

Yes, I understand that this reads very much like a love letter to Smokey Brights, but that's because it totally is! Which is cool with me because that's sort of how they made me feel after that show last Saturday and this new EP today. 

Go buy or stream the Come To Terms EP and when you love it, do yourself a favor and dig into their back catalog. If you aren't familiar I think you'll be very happy with what you find.

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