Locals Only Playlist: June 23rd with Chris Staples

June 24, 2019

Chris Staples

It's always exciting when Chris Staples has new music coming out so naturally we had to have him come by the studio to talk all about it.

Chris Staples will release his new album Holy Moly this Friday (6/28) on local label Barsuk Records. We talked about the new album and Chris gave us all the wild details on his upcoming backyard circus release show that will feature all kinds of attractions, not just great music from Chris and fellow local artist Sophia Duccini. There are only a few tickets left so you might want to jump on those soon.

We played some songs from the new album and got the behind the scene details on the new music video for "Old Friends." *SPOILER* Chris isn't the one doing all those rad flips in the video.

Chris dropped some knowledge on me about a local artist he's enjoying right now named Jacob John and we enjoyed new music from Dude York, Ben Zaidi, Happy Times Sad Times and more. Here is our full playlist from Sunday night:

Chris Staples - Grand Coulee Band

Sylvi - Prefeixed Image

Ben Zaidi - Shambles 

Chris Staples - Everybody Said

Jacob John - 30 years Dumb

Chris Staples - Old Friend

Sophia Duccini - Nothing To See Here

Chris Staples - Sliver Moon

Death Cab For Cutie - When We Drive (Chong The Nomad Remix)

Happy Times Sad Times - Bombs 

Antonioni - Old News

Skating Polly - Flyer

Brothers From Another - Talk Is Cheap

Dude York - Box 

Dude York - Falling

Whitney Monge - Be Mine

Dead Bars - I'm A Regular

Unlikely Friends - The Best Trick In Modern Science

The Black Tones - Ghetto Spaceship

Point Of Arches - Caesar's Last Breath

Tacocat - Grains Of Salt

Spirit Award - Summer

Kithkin - Sorcerer