Locals Only Playlist: July 14th with John Van Deusen

July 17, 2019

John Van Deusen

Sunday night we had Anacortes legend and all around great artist/human John Van Deusen on Locals Only. You probably know John from his old band The Lonely Forest. More recently though, John has been performing and releasing albums under his own name. This Friday he will release his third album as John Van Deusen. It is also part three of his (I Am) Origami collection of Albums. The album is called "A Catacomb Hymn".

We played new music from the new album and heard all about John's move back to Anacortes from California. John dropped some knowledge on us about a great local band out of Tacoma called Don't Tell Sophie. No they aren't together anymore but I didn't know about them and now my lfe is better. All of the new John Van Deusen tracks sound great and you should get your hands on the new album (I Am) Origami pt 3: A Catacomb Hymn when it's available this Friday. I've heard the whole thing and I think you're going to like it.

We also played new music from Dude York, Somesurprises, and Kilcid Band. See the full playlist below:

John Van Deusen - Whatever Makes You Mine

Skating Polly - Play House

Don't Tell Sophie - Ordinary Steps

John Van Deusen - You Don't Know What You're Asking

John Van Deusen - Social Sucker

Sylvi - Prefixed Image

John Van Deusen - Let Me Let You Use My Power

The Lonely Forest - We Sing In Time

Skating Polly - Hollywood Factory

Nirvana - Lake Of Fire

Sloucher - Perfect For You

Dude York - Should've

Brothers From Another - Love The Band

Fruit Juice - Eat You Up

Ruler - Get To You

Kilcid Band - Working Man

Deep Sea Diver - NWO

Damien Jurado - Ohio

Somesurprises - High Rise

Death Cab For Cutie - When We Drive (Chong The Nomad Remix)

Cumulus - Retreat