WATCH THIS: Trick Candles premier "I'm Gold" music video

June 12, 2019

Trick Candles

Seattle band Trick Candles has been a favorite of Locals Only for some time now. When other local bands come by the show and talk about which Seattle bands we should be playing, Trick Candles come up A LOT. If you check out anything they do it's pretty easy to see why. I just saw them live again last month and was reminded quickly that not only is their brand of synth-wave really good and really fun but they also very much come to start the party. 

My only complaint about Trick Candles is that I would like some more Trick Candles please. Well, a few weeks back the band came by Locals Only to share their new song "I'm Gold".

"The song is a story about running into someone who ignores you because of a past life you shared together. It's basically letting them know not to trip, you're past that relationship and just trying to be polite" said singer Prisilla Ray. 

The subject matter is something most people can likely relate to from one side or the other. Ray makes it pretty clear as the she moves on from the situation played out in the video to lead a very dope dance party that it's pretty great to just let it go and be "gold". See for yourself in the premier of the "Be Gold" music video below:

"We filmed the video at Clock- Out Lounge on Beacon Hill. The gold curtains and atmosphere were perfect for the mood we were trying to create. And the pizza is amazing!" said Ray. Everybody who tells me about the Clock Out Lounge mentions the pizza so I guess the next time Trick Candles performs there we are going to have to roll through and get a slice.

If you're wondering when you can see Trick Candles next they will be at the Fremont Solstice Parade and Celebration on June 22nd and you can of course buy and stream "I'm Gold" pretty much any place you buy or stream music.