Chong The Nomad

September 1, 2019

Photo by Aniyoke

2018 was a big year for Seattle artist Chong The Nomad. The music was so good and the skill level was so obviously high that is it was easy to predict that 2019 would be an even bigger year. 

From performing with local legends Death Cab For Cutie and Odesza, colaborating with the like of Flint Eastwood and getting an official Death Cab remix on their track "When We Drive" the elevation of Chong The Nomad just continues. 

It's for all of those reasons and so many more than Chong The Nomad is our Locals Only Artist Of The Month for September. Get to know Chong The Nomad even better below:

In each of her distinct compositions, Seattle electronic music producer, Chong the Nomad, unleashes storms of song that embody both the delicate raindrop striking the single tree leaf and the looming clouds that burst and quench an entire forest. The musician, whose given name is Alda Agustiano, is also one of the fastest rising songwriters in the Emerald City. At 24, Chong has already achieved many of her dreams - and she’s hooked on the prospect of more. In 2018, she released her debut EP, Love Memo, earning “Top Album” recognition from The Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, and The Stranger. She played coveted spots at the Sasquatch Music Festival, Capitol Hill Block Party and Upstream Festival + Summit and she’s opened for Grammy-nominated artists ODESZA and Death Cab For Cutie. Since Love Memo, the artist has been featured on Visit Seattle, TASTEMADE Travel and a commercial for Universal Audio. Her identity as a first-generation Asian American with a burgeoning musical platform ensures she will help lead a new generation of creative talent. And while her intricate work can be understood as “bedroom groove,” her sound is also nebulous. Trying to put it into a box is like trying to dance in the same river twice.