Locals Only Artist Of The Month: Cold Soda

January 10, 2019

Things are not always what they seem. Sure, they look like the Cave Singers. And ok, yeah, they sort of sound like the Cave Singers. However, this band is called Cold Soda. Or maybe things are as they seem. Sort of. Cold Soda is three members of Cave Singers plus their buddy Jeff Alvarez (Deep Creep, Medicine Bows). 

On Locals Only they told the story of how recording a cover for consideration in a Coke commercial turned into calling themselves "The Coca Cola Band" and they ultimately had so much fun playing together that they decided to keep doing it. In early November of 2018 Cold Soda released their self titled debut album.

See the band bio below and enjoy hearing Cold Soda on The End all month long:

Groovy, low end heavy, pop-rock about small towns, and heady bouts of nostalgia. Here the rhythm section rules, drums and bass carving out deep, drawling grooves over which Quirk ruminates, sings, and snarls in his own gorgeous way. “I kick at the night, just to see what it’ll do / Do you want me to go?”. Not to make overstatements, but it strikes me while listening that this band is working in the vision of our father Kurt Cobain –writing pop songs that rock, roll, and absolutely don’t suck (something extremely difficult to do). This on top of the fact that Fudesco and Quirk have long been two of Seattle’s most exciting live musicians; frequently given to the groove, their bodies overtaken by the music, twisting in rocking convulsions with eyes tight, sweat and spirit flowing from their entirely musical physical beings.